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Super Lemon Haze (my favorite variety of marijuana, always!)



W. Russian (Many resin, seems an acceptable strain but ... I had to remove many bananas, it is a hermaphrodite plant)



In a few days, I put the pictures of the day of harvest. I have to say that this time has been growing on soil, only natural things (guano and palm ash). I have not used any chemical.


The production is significantly lower than other crops. I usually use coconut and powder feeding, and production is normally three times. The taste is always good, so I want to compare with the taste of the earth, to see if there are notable differences palate.


Greetings!  :brunette:

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I think you will like the flavours I have grown out blueberry with just water in soil. The yield was half but the smoke was so clean and smooth

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great buds Jose! looking very nice! I want to see the finish pictures now sure it was smelling awesome :)


Have a god smoke ;)

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I love to see loads of strains at a time, I wish I had the space to branch out. Lovely looking buds, I hope the slh x Exo turns out to be a winner and breathe some life back into a strain which I am bored with (cheese).


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Lovly Plants man!!!

What the size of the pots?? Got 7(cookiesKush) and wants to set them right in dr90....(show You when they grow up a bit)

Great Grow!

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Thanks all for your comments, plants and strains are very good !!  :good:


Apologize for the delay, many pictures to review and many pictures to work. Also, my camera crazy again, not focus well ... in 50 photos, only one with good focus. It is a big problem for me, because the pictures are important to me.

I have reviewed hundreds of pictures, and these are what I think may show plants. Not good pics, but I no have more haha










El Niño




Erdpurt (I hate this strain now lol)



Flower Bomb Kush 



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Grape x The Church




Great White Shark



Super Lemon Haze x Exodus Cheese




Super Bud x Train Wreck




W. Russian




Although I like the grass with a minimum of three months to heal, I made a small test smoking. The flavors of the new strains are very good, very powerful effects ... !! I think I have new favorite varieties again lol
a small review
The Church x Grapefruit
- Flowering completed in just 8 weeks.
- Upstairs (triples in size in bloom).
- Strange smell in fresh buds, incense and oil, mixture. Dry bud smell equally strange.
- Complex taste, bitter, like eating a grapefruit. 
- Effect very cerebral, sativa. Powerful and long lasting, very social, active.


Super Bud x Trainwreck
- Flowering completed in just 8 weeks.
- Compact plant, doubles its height during flowering.
- Buds of normal size with much amount of resin
- Smell in fresh buds nice, soft and fresh. Smell in dry buds good, sweet and fruity.
- Very hard Brain and body effect. Initial soft but very powerful, very narcotic. It leaves off of mind, body is relaxed. Very good effect.
Super Lemon Haze x Exodus Cheese
- Ready in 11 weeks flowering.
- High plant, triples in size and something else. Branched open.
- Abundant buds, good size. Normal amount of resin.
- Fresh Odour similar at super lemon haze.
- The flavor is Lemon, soft, very  tasty for me (I love slh) .
- Effect Sativa, cerebral. Great power and duration.



That's all folks, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and details.
Have a nice day! :brunette:
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Thanks mates  :giverose:



Nice photos Jose, why dont you use the manual focus? Do you have ring macro flash or what kind of light are you using?


I always use manual focus. The problem is inside the camera body, not in objetives. It's an old camera ... maybe it's time to retire it and take a new cam, I dont know.

Depending on the type of photo, flash use, ring use or use natural light. Always use many different lights, because I like to experiment and see the quality of each ;)




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Thanks for the smoke report and journal Jose.

Cant wait to get my hands on the SLH x EXO cross,

i love the colour and bud structure of the GRAPE x

THE CHURCH, congrats on for making me jellious

PEACE bro. :cool:

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