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CONTEST - What's Your Favorite Strain of Green House Seeds?

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Welcome friends to the monthly contest, Green House Seeds Experience!
We started the year with a new contest Green House Seeds Experience!! On this occasion, we will make a contest of views, where you must tell us which is your favorite variety of Green House Seeds Co. or Strain Hunters Seeds Bank, explain a bit why you chose this variety, smell, taste and effect you remember, culture data or anecdotes while you smoked, etc. It is not necessary to write two pages but don’t limit yourself to two lines ... just tell us in your own words about your choice review and you could win €100 to spend on any of our websites (shipping costs are ours).
The opinions / stories must be original and about varieties from Strain Hunters or Green House.
  • Who can participate?
  • Anyone enrolled in StrainHunters forum and meets the forum rules (of age, not having multinick, etc ...) can participate.
  • When the contest begins and how long?
  • The contest begins today and ends on the 28th of the February.
  • How and when the winner is chosen?
  • The winner is chosen by voting, unable to vote to oneself. Voting will begin once the competition comes into force finalized and will last for seven days.
  • What is the prize?
  • The prize is a € 100 bonus web, to spend on any of our websites, (Greenhouseseeds.nl - Strainhunters.com-Powderfeeding.ch)
  • You can order seeds, clothing, merchand, nutrients, etc .... Shipping costs are borne by the company. We no send seeds to USA, Canada and Australia





  • How to participate?
  • Post your opinion / story in this thread within the specified dates.
    If you do not want to publish your nick modesty or simply maintain your privacy, you can send it via private message or by mail to jose@greenhouseseeds.nl citing the concept Contest Green House and we will post it for you, keeping your anonymity at all times (will never publish / reveal your nick or data).
  • What Contents are valid?
  • Any opinion / original story related to your favorite variety from our seed banks.
    Not valid opinions / stories presented in previous contests, forums, websites, other means.....
  • You can post them in this thread or send them by mail or privately if you do not want your nick to be known.
  • We reserve the right to accept or deny any review / story.
  • Which prize is awarded to the winner?
  • A web bonus of 100 € to spend on our websites. Shipping charges are for own.



Greetings and good luck to everyone s Participating!    :brunette:

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Okay, sounds fair to me. I have my personal favorite - Damnesia from strainhunters. It is way ahead of the other fine strains I grew so far - Cabose for a good Indica, Exodus Cheese for it's unique taste and good high. Followed by Chemdog, love that sour grapefruit aroma and the nice balanced effect. Finally the King's Kush- it is the best tasting weed I know.


Damnesia got the whole basics covered - a( very vital and a good yielder. Easy to grow, loves topping . Plus it is like the AMS one very fast flowering Stativa dominant hybrid. Means you can reap the first buds after 7 weeks, 8 weeks are better but 60 days is perfect for me. I like the Aroma and the sweetness of of the Damnesia.

I jhave grown a lot of these seeds and always got good results, even with the Tester seeds I had good results. another interesting feat is that it is so vital, it can reverse itself if you let it in flower too long. ATM I grow 6 plants from my last order of 10 seeds. I wanted to see how a Damnesia plant iturns out after 11 weeks of flowering.. LOL the resullt was A) a good yield - 45 grams with a 400 watt HPS ! Plus a couple seeds - 6 of them were ripe enough to turn to new trees. I am 1 month into flowering with these 6 trees  and hope to have some fresh buds of Damnesia around the end of this month, so that I can wait patiently for the main harvest.


The taste is hard to describe - a bit chemical, mineral like but sweet and spicy , too. Tastes different from a Kush, Skunk or a typical Haze. The taste is good enough, that everyone loves it.

The effect is also very balanced. It is definitely uplifting and social, good for creative moments and also a nice aid for the typical daily tasks around the house.... But it is not just uplifting but also very relaxing. If you are smoking it for the first time you will even feel a body massage-like relaxation if you lay down on the couch. Very pleasant and a bit narcotic.

Damnesia also offers a wide range of medicinal values. . Helps with loss of energy and negative mindsets. Uplifts the spirit, relaxes and calms the body down; can even cure minor  sleeping problems and is good for those with appetite problems.

Another feat is that the Damnesia got no ceiling. You get higher with each draw and it works all the time. Unless you have only this one strain for months it is nearly impossible to get bored from smoking it.  All of that makes it a keeper in my grow room.

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 The most epic of grows for this family has been the Chemdog. We have grown out Kalishnikova as well. What made the Chemdog most memorible was the yeild and the potency. It also reminded us that anyone who doesn't use a carbon scrubber is taking a huge chance with the law. A carbon scrubber or serious odor control is totally a must. Even in vegitative growth it puts out an odor that will attract attention for those that smoke and those that don't. It takes to nutrients very redily and can handle a high EC and responds well to strong feeding programs. Topping and all the training techniques just short of using a scrog net or trellis was used and they yeilded just above 3/4 pound. We grew two from seed and they finished just over 8 weeks. We vegged them for three weeks, the set up we use is DWC hydro and used Advanced Nutrients on one plant and the other using General Hydroponics Lucas formula. The effect at first was very narcotic with colors becoming more vivid and your scences heightened very psycoactive. We (the wife and I) play Diablo 3 and the game takes on a new dimension. Lasts about 40 minutes of space trip and then drops off into relaxed and sedative feeling kind of like being under water or scuba diving about another hour of relaxed time, not bad for one big bong rip. The flavor is a little sweet kind of like sipping tea with a little lemon and sugar. A piney musky taste on the exhale. A beautiful grow from the beginning and our friends keep asking us when we are going to  grow more....So our next GHS seed purchase is going to be Bubba Kush and Chemdog... So far our favorite is Chemdog.. We have three Super Lemon Haze in the flower tent at 4th week of flower and eagerly await the results of this amazing strian,.The lemony smell is just starting and tricombs are starting to appear at the bud sites...

Thank You Green House Seeds for giving us this oppourtunity to share our expirence. It will not be the last GHS grow for us, but one of many to come.  Much respect.. GreenreaperGrower...

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ok i will give it a try, so why A.M.S  is the best hybrid right now, imagine a 50/50 hybrid that can be harvest at 6 weeks for comercial growers, u can let it go to 8 weeks and get awesome weed, outdoors performs perfectly, you have to add resistance to mould so welcome greenhouses, now imagine that particular relaxing  indica high, but whitout the body numb of most indicas, on top of that your mind cant stop thinking, u could write a song with this thing, finally almost 20% thc, a generous amount of cbd and cbn, and, a flavour so complex that u cant even put the words to explain it. so this girls has everything? YES, this is the best hybrid ever made, its just such a good strain to let it pass, it works on all kind of grows, such a beauty  

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Hi =)

 This is the first time I write on this forum but I know and follow the strain hunter adventure since they start to be a strain hunter. (sorry for my bad grammar, I'm italian :P )
well, I remember when with some of my friend we grown an outdoor Lemon Skunk ( I live in Calabria, the last southest region of my country, a real paradise for plant, that we have a fenotype who grown only here that to have the same name of the region too) a beautiful plant with her beautiful colors yellow and light green and her intense flavour of lemon. we were walking, with nothing to do or better to find some mushrooms, on a mountain near my village when at the corner of the rough road we find a big raspberry bush and whose fruit was so red and juicy who busrt just touching them. Then I've had the idea to wet the rolling paper with that juice ( being careful to not wet the glue ) and after a few minute ( to make the rolling paper dry) we smoke it :D
My mouth still remember that mix of raspberry/lemon taste and I still remember when with those weed I made my first "hand made" "low cost" and natural blunt :D

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Ladies and Gents, Please let me introduce you THE DOCTOR!

To be stylish, i am writing this with j in my hand filled with The Doctor

It's been a few years since i met this strain. I picked up some seeds from a reseller, and (probably due to incorrect storage) some of my churches did not germinate. When i mentioned this to Franco he was kind enough not only to replace them, but also gifted me some of THE DOCTOR. I grew out all seeds (100% germ rate as usually on the seeds straight from Greenhouse), and they turned into amazing ladies!!! Some on the colas the size of a 1.5 L bottle!!!

I have tried them indoors and out, indoors 9 weeks, outdoors best to harvest between 10-15th october! But watch for mold, becouse the buds get sooo big, in high humidity they might catch mold. Still i can recommend to anyone souther than 45th latitude. Very good for SOG and SCROG also, but i think it is more benefitial to multitop. She has 3 main phenotypes. I wrote an article some time ago about this strain, but I'll gladly repeate here most of usefull infos mentioned earlier. They all have very strong stems, in good angles, so they can take much weigt. They need it, becouse they are so heavy yielders! In hydro I heard reliable info about 1.2g/W harvests. If you take a look of the genetics, you surely notice the legendary Great White Shark and the SuperSkunk. I am not sure where they got the name from, but i know Franco loves MotoGP, and there happens the be an outstanding guy with the same nick... I can imagine he wanted to name this outstanding strain after that outstanding rider.

1 phenotype is getting resinous very early. You can expect to see them as early as the 2nd week of flowering. She grows HUGE buds, with very thick layer of resin, and an amazingly nice strong odour. As the buds of this pheno are a bit fluffy it takes a while to manicure the buds, but the leafs are covered also, even the fanleafs, so they provide a good material for hashmaking. The odour is so strong, kinda slaps you in the face. I put 2 small fresh buds in my todacco to rehumidify it a bit. I forgot about it, and wanted to roll a cigarett on public transport. As i opened the pack of tobaccoo I realized the mistake, but there was no return. 2 girls were sitiing behind me around the age of 15, and it was no more than 2 seconds, 1 already started telling the other what a strong weedsmell she could feel. The other replied something like "I wish i had some of that, must be very nice!!" I was kinda shocked a bit, but as i tought back i realized i started smoking at the same age... And she was right, IT IS VERY NICE !! Hahahahahaha....

The 2nd pheno starts producing resin a little later, and the smoke is probably a bit milder than the first, but she grows even bigger and tighter buds. She might need an extra week for full ripeness, but it is worth it! Large outdoor plants can have HEADSIZE BUDS!!! You  might remember the official grow video, where you can actually see one. Pretty impressive!

The third pheno is my favorite of all. When I had first time I missed to clone it, and i was hitting my head in the wall when i failed to revegetate her. After growing several other strains (including the damnesia, which i also adored, but yieldwise was far behind the doc) I decided to get back growing The Doctor looking for THIS PHENO!!! She is the densest of all, grows BIG, HEAVY, FULLY COATED buds! The smell is extremely strong, reminds me to gasoline really. The smoke is very strong, hits you instantly, lasts long, and pretty good for high tolerance ppl like you Bam! True indica effect, very good for apetite stimulation and against insomnia.

All pals who smoked the buds were amazed, and I am getting very good feedback from other growers also. Worth to grow, worth to smoke!

As I got to the end of my j i am feeling calm, relaxed, nice indica effect! I might take a little break now as i am stoned as hell!!

Thanks for the seeds again Franco!


Oh, i almost forgot to mention the Super Critical!!!!!!! A must to grow!!! And friends can see pictures of The Doctor in my gallery!

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my personal favourite is the Cheese. bought it many times in the shop and was never dissapointed.

i will never forget the first time i smelled and smoked this, i never imagined weed could have such a distinctive, intense flavour, made most of the hazes i smoked taste like bush weed..a new world opened up to me :)

i grew one as well, from an indica mix pack, and that turned out to be the most intense flavoured weed i ever grown. with a yield of 76gram from one plant in a 10L pot it delivered good quantity as well.

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ok, it's time to put my 2cents into this pile of cash.

lighting my first joint of home grown weed was one of top 3 moments of my life. seeds from who-know-where and puffy buds full of seeds but I grew it goddamit. at that time we got our seeds from bird food and I must say, they were fucking amazing! but I remember it like it was yesterday. it was a hot september year 2000 when I got to smoke my first Amsterdam-based White Widow. that smell of fresh bud, that stink when I would grind it and that beautifull taste and aroma when I would light it. hands down, by that time I have never seen or smoke better weed in my life and so I wanted more. I had a friend who drove the truck weekly from Amst-Milano and could bring the weed every second week. this was heaven but since I was and stil am a grower, I wanted the seeds. this is the moment when I first heard of Arijan and the Green House Seeds Company. and with the next round of Amst weed, my friend brought me back some seeds from his conection in Amst. they were the true White Widow, the one Arijan talks till this day. I popped them asap and the White Widow of GHS was my main friend, my friends friend and their's friends friend for years. our whole city was high on WW for years and belive me, GHS has fans in Slovenia since 2000 and there are many. now the WW was replaced by SLH, Kalash and more from GHS line but I would give my left nut for another smoke of the real WW from Arijan and the GHS. when people will ask me, whats the best moment of your early years, all you'll hear is White Widow of GHS, the real deal.



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there was a boy and there was a weed

the boy was rasta and the weed was green

its name was the doctor and his I do not recall

he gave me  some seeds and i took them home

I gave them good care and watered ...some

when the time was right i catted it down

ripped apart and handed it head-down

now when its dry and smells like good shit

there is a boy and there is a weed

there are some seeds that will soon depart

and no one can ever take us apart :P 

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White Lemon is the best strain from GH, from the ones I already tryed, here's why:


White Lemon Grow Report

GH White Lemon is a very vigorous and very stable strain with a rubbery characteristic of the stem and grows tall, being ideal for SCROG grow setups and Supercropping.
Two phenotypes are noticeable in this strain, with a third pheno much more ocasional.
Leave shape is Indica-like despite the height grow rate of a Sativa. This factor, wide and dark leaves, will help this strain to deliver her dense and tight buds in flowering period.
Bud's smell is distinctively lemony, the one from the genetic material of Super Lemon Haze and very frosty and compact from the El Niño side.
Very easy to grow, ready in 8 to 9 weeks. High yeld ability.

White Lemon Smoke Report

Indica phenotype smells like herself, like a very good lemon, altough it comes with a twist of something more after grinding, it's a very sharp and strong spicy smoke inhaling and sweet lemony exhaling, with a oily after-tongue.
High is workable but with a heavy brain and loose body high aswell.

Sativa phenotype is more sweet smelling and tasting, think it realy resembles more the lemon haze side of the genetics then the indica one previously mentioned. Smokes as the first but with a sweeter tone. For a sour lover the indica pheno smoke will be better.
The High of this pheno doesn't compare to the indica one, the stone setlles more on the body altough with same cerebral, but with lack of good awareness to do something besides couch, bed, hammok...

Both are top notch smoke!



Take care :bye:

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I have just grown a few of GH strains, but of all my grows there is one standing out and I will never forget.


I got the bean from my buddy. She was my first ever sativa and I grew her in my small but tall grow room. I vegged her until she was almost 70cm tall, as I had plenty of height to work with (200 cm) I thought I wouldnt have any problem. I thought she was going to double in height in the flowering stretch... boy were I wrong. 2 weeks in 12/12 she was close to 2 meters and still going. After lots of bending and lst I think the finishing height was more then 220cm. Thats over 300% stretch! Her fregnance was pine and fruity and very easy to manicure at harvest. But the best thing about this strain is its high! I use pot to help me meditate, and I have yet found any strain that does this better than the HS. It gives you a very uplifting spiritual high and with her help I broke through bounderies which makes it easier for me to meditate to this day!

Hawaiian snow is not just an awesome and potent strain- it has spirit!

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hola familia de ghs 
                          mi nombre es jardinskun  y soy parte de esta hermosa familia hace mas de una año, siempre fui un tester activo hasta principíos del 2014 , ya en octubre del 2013  decidi salir a recorrer america latina de mochilero !
hace poco volvi de mi viaje dispúesto a retomar la actividad que mas  gusta 
bueno antes que nada voy a decir que mi variedad de ghs favorita es WHITE LEMMON  la razon ? primero les dare informacion de mis metodos de cultivos donde cada uno tiene su tecnica y la mayoria son muy buenas !!
yo cuando testeo  plantas para green house no hago SCROG ni LST  si bien esas son muy buenas tecnicas mi razon de testearlas asi es el de conocer la estructura , altura y forma de la planta , ramificacion aunque sacrifique produccion para hacerlo!
otra de mis tecnicas es no usar ningun tipo de abono comersial yo hago mi propio abono a base de acuaponia ,y preparo mi propia tierra que es rica en turba y humus de lombriz

lo que mas me gusto de WHITE LEMMON fue su crecimiento en mi indoor bajo un hps de 400w el crecimiento era muy rapido y la forma de la planta a medida que fue creciendo era muy linda , ramificaba muy bien y el cogollo central se formaba compacto y abundante y lleno de cristales de resina , pero lo mejor era su aroma ! que llenaba mi indoor de un perfume dulzon y alimonado , solo llevo 60 dias de floracion  
la cosecha fue abundante y venia la cata , por dios que placer!! el humo espeso , el aroma del humo y ese gusto alimonado dulzon y penetrante que se que quedaba en el paladar por varios minutos despues de fumarla y si bien no es la variedad mas potente que probe el pege (colocon) es muy energuico como una inyeccion de adrenalina que dura unos minutos y despues una hermosa relajacion y el gusto , mmm.. para mi una de las mas ricas que probe ! , en estos dias en mi pais , argentina se hacia la marcha para la despenalizacion del cultivo del cannabis , y como siempre asisto esta ves fui con las flores mas ricas que habia probado 

alla me cruze con muchos amigos , conocidos y cultivadores , y cada ves que convidaba de mi white lemmon a otros , en la primera seca se les veia la sorpresa en la cara al fumarla , TODOS todos me preguntaron que es esto ?? y despues decian que rica!! y les dije amigos cultivadores les presento a  WHITE LEMMON  de green house seeds jajajaj nos reimos por que sono tipo propaganda jaja y ahi les comente que aun no estaba a la venta ( en ese tiempo ) pero que un un tiempito la busquen en los catalogos de ghs por que seguro que se aniadira al catalogo!! ; por que  los  testos de todos nostros  testers amigos y parte de la familia de green house seed habia sido positivo !

saludos a todos y muy buenas vibras !

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 Strain choice based on truth of name, the point being it truly tastes and smells like its name.

List of strains to choose from- GH cheese, Exodus cheese, The Doctor, The C, Super Lemon Haze, White Strawberry Skunk, Bubba Kush, Sweet Mango Auto, and White Widow Auto, some of which didnt come to much but thats me learning.

This strain grows heavy wide leaves in veg with tight internodes, as i remember doesnt like a lot of N, in flower she grows wide medium dense buds she has long white pistels and large foxtails,  likes low RH

Aroma,now this where the identity will be revealed to any of you who have grown this strain. In flower she has an unmistakable sweet smell reminds you of childhood and candy shops, when smoked it tastes like i just raiding the garden before the fruit was even ready. If you not sure which strain i have choosen to enter it will finish of your meal prefectly with a taste of an unripe strawberry without out the face twist from the sour bit, yes WHITE STRAWBERRY SKUNK is a strain with lots of taste and appeal.

This strain is only one i have grown that actually tastes like the fruit it is named after and so precise, this is what i was expecting when i first started to pick strains. After harvest the mrs had a smell in the tent and shouted not that mango again which almost got me in  trouble as i have been banned from growing because of the aroma, when smelling the sweetness of strawberry and automatically thought of something else which started a disagreement. Luckily with this strain it was more controllable odour and we was able to contain it, much to my relief last thing i need is an angry mrs. Recomended to everyone..

PEACE and good smokes    :cool::declare:



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I would say favorite GH/SH strain so far is himalaya gold the reason for this is the tricomes she produces the smell and the way it rips inside ur nostrals is something that has not happend with other strains so far smell is hard to describe but some hint of lycce is in there, she is not the strongest strain but there is just something about them that makes me want to smell it all the time. i never had this happen on any other strain so thats why i will settle for himalaya gold as my favorite strain she isn't hard to grow but she needs some tlc to thrive.


Peace bless

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Hi mates,


I deleted all posts that are not part of the competition.


Please use this thread just to participate.


I have read the reviews (out of competition) and are really interesting, I love reading these comments, these tips, etc ... But I think it would be better to create a different thread to discuss these things.


I hope not bother :)


Greetings, Jose :)

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Tomorrow is the last day to enter mates !! If you had thought .... leave your favorite variety is the time !!


May you have good weekend and good luck to all participants !!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.