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Since I hear of the CBD riched strains I wanted to try'em so I started this post to dedicated to CBD rich strains.

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Nice man, for what purpose are you gonna do them? Do you need them personally to cure something or just to try? and which strain? :)


I got to smoke a few of the CBD strains that people talk about a little bit like the Z7 or the cannatonic, Juanita lagrimosa.. they are good smoke, if you like diesels, and sour smoke of this kind you will like it. but yet i have to say most of the CBD strains i have tries had a kind of similar taste would be nice to find a diferent line now to diversify it a little bit.


anyway have a good grow! :)

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Hi Dust ... I tried a couple of CBD riched strains & the smoke was quite good. I got the CBD Mango Haze from the CBD crew, placed 2 seed & germinated on day 3 of been in the soil, since they'll grow kind of big I'll use Side Pullin' LST to control her heigh of 1 & topping to the other & may use the benders Tokage sent me some time ago, also to compare them with a THC riched strain of similar qualities I putted 1 Arjan Ultrahaze 2, in that way I'll try both A truly feel the differences. Here some today pics:


CBD Mango Hazes






Arjan Ultra Haze 2


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That's a nice comparison! Really looking forward to see them grow side by side.

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