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Afgooey, Caboose 3*600 Coco PF


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Well mates, looking for this topiQ for along time, and now its actually to upgrade it just a little)))

I Have  3 * 600 HPS, DR pro240, S&P TD 500

PF, d9, Ca, Fe, MgSo4, CaNo3, KH2PO4. Ca(NO3)2, KNO3, K2SO4, GHE all

RO, 10 lt.  superrootsairpot

PF, i think))) are enought. Until now have used only d9 two times.

Also i using "Valagro" stimulators by the leaves during 18/6 period.

Main lining *8 and supercrop are instaled.

3 weeks 




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These are some good looking baby for sure, are these from SH seeds?


Hope they will have a good flowering time dont hesitate to flood us with photo ;)

Have a good grow!


Dust, man! Thats IS SHE, just personally! And she is still growth!! It looks like wanna a half of DR. Eating 3 lt by a day. Next day i have absolutely dry cocos. hard to watering.   

Caboose is little one..

some history




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We was, we were, we here, we will)))))



look live over N

1000-1000 mS (RO=20), PH 5.7 about 2.0 lt. per day this week (last was 1400-1500)

second time water 460 mS ph 6.0

what i need to do  :bye:

move PH ?

May be nothing to do?


Caboose all are OK



Get them out 1 of 3 lamps, a lot of light.. was ))  

you may see the difference on photos.

Good example that much is not well


Be  good!

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