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Green House Seeds Company, Strain Hunters Seeds Bank ,  Green House Feeding and  Powder Feeding are launching a new contest on social networking sites.  


Every week, we would be giving away three packs of seeds to participants who meet the simple contest rules. We will publish the names (or nicknames) of the weekly winners following which a new week of competition will begin.


The simple rules of the contest are explained below:


For Facebook


  • Green House Seeds Company will publish a photo on its Facebook page, which should be shared by the participants on their Facebook profile. 

  • You must be of legal age


For Instagram  (OFF - only available on  FB)


  • Green House Company will share a special photo in their instagram profile, so people who wish to participate in the contest have to put the same photo in their own instagram profile with hashtags #Greenhouseseeds and #Greenhousefeeding

  • You must be of legal age




  • Every week, we would be giving away three packs of seeds to three winners (one packet of seeds per winner).
  • The award is completely free for you as we would be paying the shipping charges as well.

  • We do not send seeds to the USA, Canada or Australia (if winner is from one of these countries, the award would be a t-shirt).

  • Green House Seeds Company reserves all rights of the contest as well as the right to modify the rules and prizes without notice.



Enjoy the contest !!  :gamer:



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