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Caboose Grown under LED lights


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Caboose by Strain Hunters Seed Bank grown under SUPERGROWLED.COM Lights. Very impressed with the results achieved with these new led lights.
ONE X Spectrum King™ (SK450) will replace a 500W HID. While TWO X Spectrum Kings™

will replace your 1000W HID unit. Both systems will increase yields by 25%
or more, save 50% on electricity, save space and heavily reduce ventilation.
250W true power from ONE Spectrum King™ which replaces 500W HPS.
Qty.    LED    HID equiv.    Flower    Pro. Yield
1    250W    500W    16 sq ft    300g
2    500W    1000W    16 sq ft    600g
3    750W    1,500W    24 sq ft    900g
4    1000W    2000W    32 sq ft    1200g

3W LEDs x 150 = 450 Watt full capacity driven at 55.5% = 250W true power per unit
6th generation Spectrum II™ LEDs using 100 X ‘white LEDs’, individual ‘white’ LEDs
are a mix of the primary colors red, green blue (RGB) to supply you with high end
color rendering and our full spectrum. These 100 X ‘white’ LEDs are expensive to
produce and the absolute best on the market. The remaining 50 X LEDs are a mixture
of ‘reds’ to turbo charge the flowering for maximum yields and far-red output to
enable strict photoperiod control.
TRUE full spectrum – 420 to 750 nanometres with supplemental chlorophyll (A+B)
absorption peaks
We use primarily Bridgelux and Epistar chips on our own custom dies
The phosphor coat used on the very high power 425nm blue base LED
is our own proprietary formula, used to give us the strong full spectrum
coverage we employ in our luminaires
Rugged industrial construction with anodized aluminium chassis
Fan-less thermal management, no fans due to high quality heat sinks, thermal bond
and highest quality metal clad printed circuit boards (MCPCB)
No heat increase 12″ from source reduces HVAC requirements
16 sq ft coverage for flowering stage
30 sq ft coverage for vegetative stages
90° beam angle PMMS lenses for greater photon delivery
Peak photon delivery in μmol, 1000μmol @ 12”
No bulbs or ballasts to replace
Lifespan of 12+ years or 60,000 hours
Weight ~23lbs, with hangars
Yo-Yo hangers included with every order
Dimensions approximately 22” x 14” x 7”
Input voltage: 85-265VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 250W / 120VAC@2.1A
Self-protecting constant current power supply
5 year warranty from manufacturers defect.

As a special bonus, www.supergrowled.com is also giving all Green House customers a 5% discount on purchases made in their website. Just add the following promo code on checkout: ghcomp


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Amazing quality buds. Just love that strain. It is really unique - besides KUSH the dopest Indica in my book. Must get me some beans next - if it wasn't so leafy and low heighted it would be the bomb. Anyway te taste + effect is gorgeous. Seems the LED really brings out the absolute best in any flowers. These flowers + tops are perfectly gron - even the colors come out superb !


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Next on my grow list-perfect medicine for the Reggae Jam in July....Caboose, Sour Diesel, Damnesia + Sharksbreath are calling out for my attention . CABOOSE is DEFinitely back in my grow room next crop. Those buds look amazing and that mineral/chemical taste is something precious BUT the best is the effect. First you are attacked by a real trippy head high, then it mellows out into a narcotic, dreamy haze of well being. Very uniique in every aspect

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