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I have been working in PNG for a while and pretty much know everyone here. The dominant landrace here is Nuiguine Gold a fruit bowl and spicey sativa that grows everywhere. I'm originally from Australia and know my bush outdoor and landrace stains well but none come close to the complex structure and flavour that the PNG gold. I have some great connections with local growers and would be happy to show you around and get some original turtle shells. Happy hunting and keep up the great work! You guys do amazing things and always stay head of the game so a trip to the highlands would keep you one step ahead. Get in touch wig you want me to organise some touring. Peace!

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This really sounds interesting bro. Thanks for the information, when we schedule a trip to the area ... will let you know.


Overworked right now, but the next few years ... anything is possible :)

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@Aussiebushies - the Nuigine gold is complex - great description. I've heard other workers from up at Hagen and Lae comparing it to "Mullumbimby Madness" which left me scratching my head. I don't see any similarity - those damn hippies at Nimbin stuffed everything up with their outdoor grows. You basically have the same bushy strain right down to the coast and in both states. 

Niugini Gold is quite a different Sativa from down on the lowlands (reminds me a little of Durban Poison) - altitude?? -  Alotoa area has a much pinier terp that seems to be common right down the southern provinces. 

If you get a chance see if one of your contacts knows anything about the very dark leaved short Sativa with a real apricot flavour one of the tribes up the Sepik has. 







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