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hi i'm new here i just love the landraces and i followed greenhouse for their release on landraces. i heard that are tester with them slready where can i find the grows of them.

thanks from ibiza

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Hi Deasmad, 


Welcome to the forum mate, here too we love the landraces :), we are currently not offering seed for test. But we have a contest share% win on our facebook page. Maybe you're interested in participating, it's free!
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hi again i read again your answer. i was really blazed last time i check.

i didnt mean that i wanna be a tester. i got so little space already busy with two panamas and three nepalese that a friend brought back from holydays i cant remmember the area where he found it.

but its a pleasure to grow, easy,fast and gives a relaxing yet trippy high.

this is the second time i run this one (nep). i popped the seeds i had left and of twenty only three made it.

as soon i realized how to post photos i'll do. i promise.

i got photos of a few more grows and landraces i will aswell.

but is there any threat with people testing pure landraces? from the expeditions i mean.

and if so. any link.

thanks n advance.

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