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Hi all :)


I came here from talking with green seeds company by email. I hope i will find friend souls here. Sory for my retard english - I'm still learning.


First I wanna show u how sick laws are here in my country. If policeman catch u when u high he can't do nothing but when he find weed u are in big trouble. Polish judges didn't know what is a negligible amount - 5g? 1g? Most importand is what u say on police station during they ask question. U can't tell u share with someone, u can't tell where did u get it. Quite save solution is when u tell them u never share with anyone and u smoke alone at home. There is a chance judge free you for low social harmfulness than.


Lucky I have never been convicted - cause I'm not dumb and I'm not a thug :)


Growing is also illegal, we've got plenty articles on police site about: "Another big police success" when they catch dangerous criminal with plantation.

Look at the picture - Of couse some unlucky kid had bad visit.. poor kid, and this "grow box" lol  :pogranichnik:



I will leave my post-comunist country soon to get some job (maybe in Holland) and some decent money i hope. We've got masive emigration from Poland because of our pig politics. I hope to catch some connection. One day i will grow legal - it's my dream. 





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Hi bro welcome to the forum !!

Your english is really good.

In your country as in many other, things look a little behind regarding cannabis laws, but do not wory this will soon change around the world.

Take care.

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