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Guest dingo25

Cloning Super Lemon Haze??

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Dont know about the Super Lemon Haze, but i got a Super Silver haze and cloning with her went rather easy. Just do what you normally do(if you ever made clones). I even made a clone once just by putting it in my living room, without the right conditions(humid, room temp....) it just shows how stong this plant can be. Hope this helps you,

Gr RBud

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I wouldn't say Super Lemon Haze was the easist to clone, but it is very clone able.

I have been cloning it for the last year, over several harvests. All clones grew well, and produced!

I have 4 that I just cloned getting ready for my new grow next month.


This is the cloner I recently made out of a 5 gallon bucket. It had 4 Super Lemon Haze clones and 3 Him gold. All but one HG produced roots and are on their own. The one HG is still in the cloner until it drops roots.

The biggest thing is the use of an anti wilt product. In 2 weeks I lost a total of 2 leaves. Pretty damn good.

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I used to clone with root hormone, and one of those plastic domes for humidity, and I would spray the cuttings a few times a day. Then I lost a whole cro of cuttings because I had to travel for a few days.

Now I dip coat the cuttings in anti wilt, use the root hormone, and use that new bucket with sprayers on a timer. The anti wilt seals moisture in the leaves so there is no need for a humidity dome or spraying, and you don't lose leaves.

Essentially it works to the point where in 2 weeks you get roots, and top growth, without having to baby sit the clones. I think anti wilt is the best!

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