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Unknown strain

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Hi all

I`m from Brazil and i usually growing outside. I`ve started with few european seeds from my friend, but i really don`t know which kind of strain are in there. I have 2 or 3 phenotypes (hybrid sativa ad indica) and a lots of therpens (pine, pineapple, grapefruit, diesel, "skunky"). This is the very first time i`ve got the magical white pistil just after 20 days! (normally it takes 4 or 4 weeks). Is there anyone that can help me to understand which kind of pot i`m growing right now? Thanks!!! :bye:



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Hi bro, I don´t know which strain you have, but for sure looks really healthy.

That says, you are doing a good job.

This plant for me is a hybrid, with more % of sativa than indica. 

Which strain it is ?... well, impossible for me to say with just a picture.

Please keep us update.

Take care.

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Is there something wrong with posts? I cannot open a new reply because i still don`t have 5 posts


Dude, thank`s for reply. Almos 4 weeks have passed since my first upload. I´ve earned 2 weeks plus of vegetative stage because of topping. I personally like the small bushed plant shape, even because i have no space to grow them higher.

This is the actual situation. Just a little problem with nutrients burn (even if i hadn`t put something in the soil) and a black acarus. But the plants still continue healty and greeny. What do ya think? (no resin yet.. :()






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Hi all. Now i can see the resin and the beautiful smell. Something like tropical fruit...no fruit in particular (maybe mango) mixtured with "skunky" smell all over the plant. Some problems with nitrogen toxicity, resolved with 2 flushing at 6.0 ph. Very strange, because it´s semi-outdoor growing and i didn´t use any nutre in veg status. Due to the topping, i have a bounce of potencially growing colas.

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Thanks dude. Yhea, brazilian sun is special, and we have a natural 12/12 hours light/dark...so it takes about 12 weeks before harvest. I normally use 10 10 10 (with first is nitro) in veg state, and 4 12 8 in flowering state. Yes, it looks like sativa dominant, with special fruity resin and bushed form from some indica.






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