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TTH - Ice Dream - 27-10-10

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They have arrived!

They been set to germinate.
Ice Dream

The Veg room is standby for them ;)

As soon as theres progress, i will post more in-depth.


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here we go with the Ice Dream!!! Nice one.... pulling a chair again...;-)

.... and I have the feeling TTH is gonna be doing some more strains soon..... ;-)

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Day 5:

7 of 7 healthy looking seedlings.
As you can see from the pic, im doing soil grow.
Been looking into hydro, but the more i google/ read the more unsure i get of what type of system tounge_smile.gif.
Tips/ experiences from you guys would be awesome.

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"Very good Tom... 7 babes, nice. Can u give us more details of your grow area/environment?"

Veg area is 2x 250w cfl
Bloom area 3x 400w hps

climate controlled (big ass a/c)

carbon filter

ill get some pics later today

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Sup, knuckleheads ;)

The Ice Dream Project...

  • Day temp: 25°C
  • Night temp: 18°C
  • CFL/ HPS/ LED Hybrid system
  • Soil, Sand, Leca mix
  • 2x 10L Pots, 2x 20L Pots, 2x 65L Pots
  • Substral Nutrient
Some pics into week 2:
ID No1

ID No2

ID No3

ID No4

ID No6

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Guest superbluehaze

looking good mate,

go hydro, but hand water.

if the pots are big enough, and you choose the right medium, then you will not have to water for at least every 3 days;

happy growing,

and welcome;


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ive been back and forth, guess i settled for "safe" option doing these organic.

Annoying thing is, the more i read up bout it, more unsure im getting.

To many freakin system and setups out there.... and way to many unknow sources.

So, please fill me in when u say "go hydro, but hand water". ;)

Would appreciate that big time. As much details/ info u will bother typing.

Tom (soon to go hydro)

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Hey Tom!

Here's something John wrote a few time ago:

Coco husk
is very much like soil in its moisture retention.

Unlike soil, however, it is a hydroponic medium.

I like hybrid systems, that attempt to take the best from both;

With a soil less medium, one has much greater control over a number of variables that relate to plant health.

Coco and perlite mix is a soil less medium; so that Ph, EC can be optimized.

This, however, does not mean that you can not use organic nutrients exclusively, if you wish.

If you use this medium, then I would recommend that you water from the top to reduce any chance of salt build up.

and flush every month or so."

This is used in pots with drain-holes, and drain to waste.

Hand-watering because you should water by hand top-dressing and not dripper systems and not with a normal hydro drain-to-recycle system either.

Take care

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