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Spider.. Help Me

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Hi, Ive got white spider mites crawling all over my  White Widow girls growing inside.

They still got al least 3 weeks to go to finish flowering. Please help. what can i do. Is there any thing i can buy from

the hardware store. Too far from Hydro store.



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I'm so sorry to hear. Those f***ers can ruin a sunny day. I heard many trix and seen many try. So far i have yet to see a 100% home remedy for mites. For starters you need to clean your whole room and prob outside the grow area as well(if unlucky).
I dont have any other good advice for you unless you can order online for "pest control" or Ladybugs and so on...
Here is a nice little short read about mites in general.

More links can be fund in the site. Good luck Buddy. Hopefully someone with experience can sort you out.

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