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Some tasty full melt bubble hash

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You got to be from Brazil? Only time i have heard someone classify weed with the A++ label was a friend from Sao Paulo.

I would not mind smoking that bubble with you, if you got a chair in your house count me in :)

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Looks very tasty but it looks like drysift to me. What's your method? 



I wash it in a small bubble hash machine

super cold , and I only run for 5 min then drain into bubble bags

squeeze out water , but keep hands and room and tools cold

then I rub the cold fresh squeezed thru a small screen or colander

that is kept cold, I even keep my hands cold in ice water

then dry the sifted caviar hash on plates over night

and I dry it in a cold room

(I will run material again but mostly for edibles)

the 5 min method makes the best full melt  


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I find that it being washed for 5 min or less the plant matter is pretty minimal

Yes i do smoke it from this point or press it .

some strains are so clean they smoke like BHO except 0% butane

solvent-less wax so tasty     in the pics above the 2nd pic is a 3 min run

it was better than BHO

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Actually, after some serious back pain and other's I found out that a 40€ washing machine as shown in Frenchy Canolli's YT-video is the best and cheapest you can go.


He runs the damn thing for less than 10 seconds on the first washing with an amazing amount of resin washed out. The 2nd and later on 3rd run/washing are extended in times

up to 6min iirc.


The latest method I tried was Gravity Hash which I think has the best taste of them all, but again, also with this method, the quicker you take the top stuff out the more green you avoid.



Excellent stuff mate ;)

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