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You know a long time ago in ancient Greece, a man went to the Delphi Oracle, and asked a question of it.

For this privilege the cost was high, for She was a famous seer, who could see beyond the present into another place the future, men and women paid heavily in gold and jewels just to know the future.

He asked the Delphi Oracle a question; he wanted to know and asked of her this question: Who is the wisest man in Greece?

this question he asked and this is what he was told: "Socrates is the wisest man in Greece", she yelled and wailed ;

for though she was a woman, flesh and blood like me and you, in her was a Goddess fierce and mighty.

Socrates when he heard of this was quite taken back by it.

For days he pondered and wondered why he was chosen to be the wisest man in Greece.

Then it suddenly hit him in flash greater than lightening, or a sound loader than a thunder clap,

why he was the wisest man of all?

It was because of all men,  he knew he was ignorant; the world is a vast and open place, but the universe is greater and much vaster;
Socrates was the wisest man in Greece because he knew he was ignorant.

we are all insignificant when we think of the vastness between the stars.

sometimes we know what we know, but it is the heart that speaks to us,

and when we love and are true

then we are no longer ignorant for we have listened to something greater than us
and have given ourselves to it;
we have moved ever so slightly beyond our selfish desires and have listened to the heartand its understanding;

what is the hearts understanding of the world?

it is simple really, but here too I must use a word -
to love in wonder and humility at the vastness
and beauty of the world

A strain hunter will face any desert, any mountain, any ice cap just for love.
Cannabis loves its death, as it allows it
to leave a promise for the future:
a little seed.
no plus ones
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Nice, Flowers-to-the-People.


I understand and agree.


The person who thinks he knows it all has thereby immediately limited his scope of understanding.

The person who accepts the truth and remains inquisitive and seeks to learn more has the vastness of the universe for his horizon.

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