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Think i might flush the mediums where those tiny plants are in . Only things that come to mind , 1 i might have fed them by mistake 2: the might got schocked cause ive placed them under hps right away . ( had one tiny plant in my previous grow ) so ill probably flush them whit pure water notsure yet . Ill just start whit flushing the one that looks most yellow . Any thoughts ? Always open to tips and tricks .

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Did you germinate them together? If so, they look like runts. How old are the girlies?
Also, what strain are you running? Or is it just bagseed? 

Based on what i've read online, people have a 50-50 opinion about runts.
Some say they suck energy and resources, some say they produce the best flowers you can ever taste. 
What would i do? I'd keep the runts, re-transplant them in a smaller and appropriate pot (you can stunt their growth if you water a 30liter bucket with a 10cm plant inside), and see what comes out of it. Of course, it all depends on your situation.


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