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Introduction - Looking for a strain efficient in building oil for Tears

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All I want right now is a straight answer. 

I want someone to tell me which strain(s) are specific to the most effective 'cancer cell suicide' trait caused by cannabinoids and trichomes(spell correct??)

We have been administering cannabis oil for my wifes breast cancer for 4 months, as clean as we can find it. I learned today that "KUSH' is not effective against cancer cells. Further, 80% of the products available in edible, or oil/shatter form are derived from 'KUSH' specie flowers. I feel duped. I feel tripped up by the misinformation.

I am now growing my own, one is a 'Pinapple Kush'~ and an Indica 'Mango Chutney'
I did not cultivate these plants as they came with the grow kit I purchased. 

I am not interested in wasting any more time here. I want to grow clean organic bud in the specie that it should be, in order to prevent and cure my wifes breast cancer. 

I need to know what strain is correct and...... I NEED TO KNOW WHY. 

Can you help me?

Hello forum, this is my first post. 

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I'm pretty sure you will need strains high in CBD and low in THC content. I'm Sure something like Sour Diesel is one strain off the top of my head but Google High CBD strains


Good luck Brother

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Hello mate,


Sorry that your mother is sick, companion much encouragement. I have good and bad news for you:


The bad news: Cannabis oil does not cure cancer. If it is true that many studies are investigating on some cannabinoids capable of destroying cancer cells ... yet it takes many years of study. Currently, cannabis oil is used to improve the quality of life of patients with cancer. The oil helps to alleviate symptoms of chemotherapy or the cancer itself (but you should not be confused with cure).


The good news: We have good information on which plants should use. You must use plants with high doses of CBD, which never exceeded the THC. Need be roughly comparable 1: 1 or 1: 0.5


You can see Arjans Haze # 3, containing doses of THC and CBD perfect. You can also see Chemdog, too much THC and CBD. Both varieties are good for their high amounts of CBD.


We hope everything will be better soon and his mother recovers from this disease.



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