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Hi Brothers & Sisters

I have decided to do another SSH from GHSC, i love this starin and have had nothing but success with it in the past.

I'll be using a 100w LED COB style for the grow cycle on 18/6hr with a Wilma Big 4 Pot System. 400W HPS for the flowering stage

GHSC Long Feed

Clay pebbles for the medium

Tri-meter to keep an eye on Ph, Temp & nutrient levels

In-line extract fan with carbon filter

Small desk fan

Tubular heater and room stat to help stabilize temps

Aero-pot for the early growth after germination


Currently germinating been 2days since adding seeds to tap water Ph6.9, I have never germinated in Ph5.5

More updates will follow in a couple of days or maybe sooner.


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So not much has been happening with the girls although I made a mistake I've never made before. I have not planted the seed deep enough after germination. But hey I'll make it work.

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