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Hey, i have a question :)

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Hi growers :)


My question for you all growers, is that i want to know how to make a small cone greenhouse in a swamp.Shortly, The greenhouse is where there are blueberries growing and theres alot of moisture and it all is taking place in a pine forest :D

My idea is to put 5-10 plants+ some outdoor just for fun and testing purpouses in natural swamp soil, But the main idea is, how to build that place in the swamp? 

The small greenhouse greenhouse(Round radius-3m):

my idea is to use natural stuff, firstly dig 20cm around the tree, then make a cone skeleton against the tree with some long branches ,  After that i will but plastic over it all, so it gets sun and maintains heat, the wall bottoms I will cover with mud and green moss+blueberry plants. (making 2-3hours, 2 people job)

i will need: Axe, spade, greenhouse plastic, rope, no nails needed, scissors 


watering: the swamp itself is really natural and clean+ it has alot of moisture, the greenhouse will have 5-10 5l bottels ontop of the tree, with small holes in itself, and they are going to be filled rainwater and the bottles are connected with hoses and they go into the plants

I will need: 5-10 bottles, 8m hose, ducktape :D


Soil: I can take soil from the swamp, it gets every year pine needels+huge amount of blueberries+many different mushrooms+moss
is it great soil? i dont like vertisilers alot... :/



What cannabis plants should i use(id like to test 2-3 different varieties)? and will it grow? summer starts in my location in may-june and lasts until in the middle of august. Then it will get colder slowly. And how long do i have to grow themindoors? or can i just plant them in the soil, when it is a seed?

How often should i visit them? and why?

Can i give them, charcoal(how much), or other organic fertilizers?

When should i trim my plants?

Should i give them co2? go smoke some weed in there from time to time? or put some plants in there, wich will create co2 in there?

How can i make more plants out of one plant? id like to put some outdoors next to some blueberries and in the soaky sunny swamp

That are my ideas atm, can i do it?

Can i grow in so many blueberries? or should leave some space between them?

PS: i havent grown weed yet, but i am really really passionate about my project :D


Pictures of the nature in the place :)





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Hi Mario.

Swamps are too moist/wet for outdoor growing, try find spot with nettles around. Cannabis like same conditions as nettles. I grow almost in same latitude, and i pre grow autoflowers 1-2weeks before taking them out.


Try get some good mold resistant autoflowers and some danis earlys can do it also if summer is good enough. You can move them outdoor in may if weather is warm enough, but you need know that one freeze night can ruin whole crop. Its always lucky business, but also can reward you at end.


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If you are dead set on building cheap, quik, small green house..This is what you do... Go get 1.5 inch abs pipe. The stuff they use for drains in houses. Get some ABS glue, and 3 or 6 mil poly. Polly is clear plastic tarp. 3mil and 6mil is the thickness. 6 mil is strong stuff. Get some zip ties too. Buy 90 degree elbow fittings and whatever you need. Glue together the frame.(Its strong) Wrap with poly.(Easy) Cut very small holes where needed and secure the poly to the ABS pipe with the zip ties. (Simple). You wanna put duct tape where you poke the small holes through the poly to zip tie to add strength. You do all of that, you will have a nice little Green house. Have fun... Dont get caught...lolol

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