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Hi everyone I am a first time grower in SA and planted around end August start of October 2015. I am at 150 days of vegetative growth and now first signs of flowering have appeared this week I have a few photo updates on veg state 2 weeks ago and currently. This is from 2 weeks ago:

First image is two of the first planted one has purple stem and started signs of flowering first, the other is same size and looking healthy. The rectangular pot is all the seeds found in some Red Swazi about 20 plants growing together all sprouted by mistake and I am going with it! Last pot is planted at end October Sour Diesel which has shot up as tall as my marijuana forest in 2 months. I will take current plat photos and post today. Others are photos of purple stem (don't know strain :/) and some of other. I keep them on the chairs because there are tiny green grasshoppers that love my bud leaves they look juicy don't they!

Previously during flowering stage used Seagro plant nutrients very Eco friendly and Organic seaweed base NPK and micro nutes. I ran out of this and purchased more today had 200ml and used 5ml per liter every 36 hours. I like this fert because it even states it doesn't burn plant if mixed over ratio.

Also got some guano organic fertilizer tea which smells like hydrogen sulphide (egg-fart) mixing 15ml per 1liter bi-daily 48hours.

Been working hard only ladies, let me know how I am doing and open for comments and suggestions.

Was thinking about force flowering at this stage with a perforated black shadow net?










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Hello and welcome to the forum mate :)



Great presentation, thanks for the info and photos, so it's great to know farmers and new genetic hehe


Purple stems and branches, it is normal if the genetic contains some purple (no worries). Sometimes the color purple also appears when it is very cold, or when there is excess nitrogen (but does not seem the case).


Just wait a little longer to see how the buds develop, but now it seems that everything is ok



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Re-Plant day1: could only provide enough attention to two of the three pots. I got three bags of Gromor Organic Potting soil and filled me up well, I loosened the roots somewhat on plants before reporting them giving them some well needed air!

Now I have devised somewhat of a plan when it comes to my swimming pool pot improvise: I found these slates of wood and a industrial sac! First I will build a box with slates at the. Bottom firmly secure and insert a industrial sac and provide holes at the bottom for sufficient drainage as well.





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Re-plant day 2: box was build and used a 1000kg refined sugar bag. Punctured plenty of holes @TWS and just to top it off purchased perilite pebbles and mixed with potting soil (Gromor) organic potting mix and third perilite. It's is 100% hanging inside box nailed sides in and to the box! Posted on top of four bricks for the finish.

It kinda looks like a kids swimming pool, maybe for a hillbilly, but that's the idea!

Here is some pics enjoy!



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Finally stopped raining now it going to get hell of a hot and humid here. Did some pollen plucking this morning and put the two pots outside after night time cover. I would try move my pool pot but I can't do it alone these ladies haven't been fed nutes in almost 4 days because of so much water they received from precipitation. Will see what the rest of the week/day holds in regards of weather, hope the sun pops out it's head soon!

Here are some updates on my MJ Bonsai getting nice and frosty, plus starting giving some nutes and growing in size too:

Sour diesel doing well need a bigger pot possibly?

Getting nice and hairy the little critters

My hermie is on the left

In this picture it's on right

And finally look at the growth in my MJ Forest

Started training the MJ Forest yesterday she is getting out of hand tall now 6'3" and counting

Last one is my flowering shemale I am still plucking pollen sacs but shehe is showing dominant male characteristics as well. Separated them from each other so pool pot and SD are together and shemale and other unlucky lass are around the building. Hope it's looking good.

Happy growing











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