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South Africa outdoor sativa grow

Today, 04:07 PM

Hi everyone I am a first time grower in SA and planted around end August start of October 2015. I am at 150 days of vegetative growth and now first signs of flowering have appeared this week I have a few photo updates on veg state 2 weeks ago and currently. This is from 2 weeks ago:

First image is two of the first planted one has purple stem and started signs of flowering first, the other is same size and looking healthy. The rectangular pot is all the seeds found in some Red Swazi about 20 plants growing together all sprouted by mistake and I am going with it! Last pot is planted at end October Sour Diesel which has shot up as tall as my marijuana forest in 2 months. I will take current plat photos and post today. Others are photos of purple stem (don't know strain :/) and some of other. I keep them on the chairs because there are tiny green grasshoppers that love my bud leaves they look juicy don't they!

Previously during flowering stage used Seagro plant nutrients very Eco friendly and Organic seaweed base NPK and micro nutes. I ran out of this and purchased more today had 200ml and used 5ml per liter every 36 hours. I like this fert because it even states it doesn't burn plant if mixed over ratio.

Also got some guano organic fertilizer tea which smells like hydrogen sulphide (egg-fart) mixing 15ml per 1liter bi-daily 48hours.

Been working hard only ladies, let me know how I am doing and open for comments and suggestions.

Was thinking about force flowering at this stage with a perforated black shadow net?










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Here is an update on the current plants and sizes two weeks later! First is of two in one pot and then magical marihuana forest, lastly my favorite girl SD or I call her Moses :) she has jumped up and responded so well to seagro nutes.

I need some feedback on tiny green pot should I increase size or would it sustain the grow? Abt size of a gallon jug?






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South Africa outdoor sativa grow

Today, 04:07 PM

Was thinking about force flowering at this stage with a perforated black shadow net?

I would have responded to this sooner but I just signed up and read this. 


YES you should have forced flowered them if you started them in August-October in the southern hemisphere because the days were getting longer from then through Dec. 21. If you are in South Africa you are around 30* latitude so on September 1 there was only 10.5 hours of daylight and on Dec. 21, there is 14 hours and 9 minutes. The plants were flowering because the total amount of daylight was below the flowering trigger point from Aug.-Oct. and they probably got stunted as the amount of daylight was increasing and you want it to be decreasing to induce flowering.


If the pictures are from the time of your OP, then they probably stayed stunted or reverted back to vegetative growth and they will naturally begin to flower after Dec. 21 as the amount of daylight per day decreases, with the end of January being the "usual" time for a strain native to that latitude or designed to be grown at that latitude. The ideal time to plant them outdoors would around Nov. 15th or later up through Jan 1.


If those are still in the same pots then you should transplant them into the largest containers you can, yesterday! Right now Feb. 22, you should have around 13 hours of daylight so they should be flowering again. Make sure you water them and use some kind of transplant solution to prevent as much shock and stunted growth from it as possible. If you are using a soil mix that needs fertilizer then now is also the time to hit them with some kind of "bloom" fertilizer. If all goes well they should be ready around April 1st but they could go longer because of the stunting from having them flower before the longest day and/or from the transplanting. Even if you want to harvest sooner, so you may consider NOT transplanting them because they may be stunted, DON't do that and transplant them, because right now in the pots they are in now, you are not going to get much more production than you see now and you will get a lot more if you transplant them.

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Thanks for the reply PHDin420 I have replanted SD into 25 liter bucket she looks super happy and I agree it looked like they started floating then reversed somewhat. So sugessted time to plant should be much later after Dec 21st to get optimal grow from day one. SD was planted the latest out of the girls I have and she is definitely looking the best too. Thank for the clarity of my first official mistake I made. Planting to early could become tedious and test patience at the end of the day.

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So suggested time to plant should be much later after Dec 21st to get optimal grow from day one.

You could wait until Dec 21st but as I posted in my last reply, to get the optimum growth you would be better off starting them around Nov. 15th  down there in the south, which corresponds to May 15th in the north.


If you have some kind of supplemental light, and for this it wouldn't have to be anything more than a fluorescent, you could put them out even sooner by putting them outside and either placing the light over them for a couple of hours before dawn or after dusk until Nov. 15th or pulling them inside where the light is and doing the same. 

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