Kalashnikova auto problems

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Hi im hoping to get some help on my kalashnikova auto 

okay first of all here is all i know:

its placed in an 60x60x140 growtent

Light: 250 W HPS Sunmaster W/ reflector   (18/6 hours)

Soil: Bio-bizz light mix

pots: 10 Liters (Square black plastic)

fertilizer: Bio nova for autoflowering ( N-P-K 5-2-5)

250cm3 Ruck can fan Vent.


To start off i germinated the seeds and everything went smooth. They did very well the first 27 days, and started to show preflower pistils. But then on day 28 after they sprouted, i noticed that some of the lower leaves were turning yellow.

I watered them with tap water until they began preflowering after they showed female preflowers i began the fertilizing process. I have always watered 0,5 L and then after two days, when it was dried out watering 0,5 L again, and when i started fertilizing i used 0,5 ml Bio nova with 0,5 L water and gave them that. Apart from some old leaves turning yellow i am also worried about the size and form that the plant is taking. It is only 30 cm in height but it is very dense and bushy. You cant see the soil or the main stem because of that very bushy formation of leaves. Out of the bush comes 8-9 bud sites. But i am worried that it might not get any higher ? and im also worried about those yellow leaves?

Hope that this info can help you, to help me :)



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Helping a fellow grower can be so hard. Could be a lot of things you missed to say. A photo say more than words(photo without the light on)
I'm not really sure what to say based on the info you gave us.

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You say that you started the fertilizing process when the plants began to showed signs of pre flowers and up till then you only used tap water. If your tap water is low in nutrient salts your plants may suffer from a range of deficiency including nitrogen witch would be the most  obvious reason for the yellow leaves. But as Tokage said there could be a lot of things that you missed to say like whats the temperature, the Humidity and the supply of fresh air.

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