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Hi all,

Can someone tell me what's the highest cbd % level available and/or legal in alternative medicine form,
also how important is the quality of the plant (as in old strain) for quality of the oil produced?

Speak up, cheers

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When i changed my computer i lost all my bookmarks. I had this site where they tested many types of Cannabinoids. If i can find that page again you can look for yourself. I guess the quality matters a lot, older plants will break down Thc but also cbd over time. Even badly grown plants will show less potency when you make them in to solvents.

If you ask if you can use older strains and if they would give as good result i would say that there are many old variety's that would give a great result.
I did find a page close to what i wanted to show, its ok but not even close to what i lost -PRESS ME-

You can search for strains and extracts in that page but im not sure how extensive it is.

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I have heard that there is a strain called Charlotte's Web that is grown specifically for CBD Oil production.  I think the oil is available somewhere in Colorado; not sure whether the strain is available in seed form. 

Google-up info about the strain, and also about the little girl named Charlotte (for whom the strain was named) and her affliction (siezures, etc.).  There are a number of documentaries about her and the healing of Cannabis found on Youtube.

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Welcome to the forum mate,

Here we are a community of farmers, we can share experiences, help with questions, and share images of our crops !!

regards :)

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