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Ganja grower

When to harvest autoflowering super lemon haze

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The art of harvesting is something very personal. A few growers take them early for a uplifting high and some later for a down low feeling. Different smell and taste is also a factor when you want to harvest. A thumb rule is to check the tricomes with a magnifying glass or use a usb microscope. If the tricomes getting milky with a few dots of amber, well then its perhaps time to take them down.
I know Sativa growers that take down their weed later(more amber) to get a more even high. But if you are a true Sativa-up-in-the-sky kind of fellow then take them just before they go milky.
I usually flush them one week before harvest(sometimes even 2 weeks). Remember that the tricomes will go darker that week as well so its a judgment call when to do it.
As i say, it is very personal and that is why i recommend growing the same strain a few times in a row to really get to know her.
Perhaps you can do a try and harvest her when the amber in the tricome is about 70/80%?
Remember, there is no wrong with pre-harvest just a branch or two just to see what will happen in that week. hehe my answer was perhaps a little to extensive but perhaps you will find a word of wisdom or two ;)

Goodluck buddy 

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