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Deutsch Gericht erlauben 1 Man sein eigenes Cannabis Anbau

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Finally, it has happened for the first time.

For one man in Germany who has been suffering 30 years with the pains of Multiple Sclerosis, the German Court has finally (after his 30 years fight in the Court) granted him the privilege to grow his own Cannabis, but only because other medicines have been determined by his doctor as inneffective for him, and because he cannot afford the outrageous price for Cannabis offered from the Pharmacy, and because Medical Insurance will not pay for it for him.  See the links below:

Article:  https://www.tagesschau.de/inland/cannabis-eigenanbau-urteil-101.html

Commentaries following the Article:  http://meta.tagesschau.de/id/110275/bundesgericht-erlaubt-cannabis-anbau-fuer-schmerzpatienten

So there is now a precedent.  Cannabis, grown in one's home, has been ruled by a German Court to have medicinal value.


For the mother of a friend, I am now encouraged to give her a copy of these articles and to cook-up some Canna-Brownies to give to her. 

She is suffering pains associated with the various bodily damages from her lifetime of smoking, and her pharmaceutical medicines are becoming less and less effective.

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That is my friend great news. Living pretty close to Germany this could in the long run effect my country as well(sweden)
To bad we cant read it in English Hint-Hint ;)

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Should I translate it to English?  I can.  It might take a while though.

It is certainly important enough, and the English-readers will certainly find it interesting and encouraging.  I might try to translate it a little later, after the GH Kush Test is completed.  I have to concentrate on that for now.

Edit:  Jetzt verstehe ich deine Bedeutung.  Ja, Ich soll es hier auch auf Deutsch vorstellen.

Aber, ja. Ich habe dem gleichen Nachricht im "Cannabis Laws" Section gepostet.  Dort soll ich die ganze Tagesschau-Berichht übersetzen.  Aber später...

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Ein sehr wichtiger Schritt! 


Vielleicht ist es bald doch an der Zeit um nach Deutschland zurück zu ziehen. ;-)

Trotzdem haben wir noch einen langen Weg vor uns bevor jeder sein eigenes Weed im Garten anbauen darf. 


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