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hey people,


i know thats not the first time that this topic is disguest here but i dont find this particular info...

so: in the grow-vids from arjan and franco they say, flush after 3 weeks with an EC from 1.3?...how do i get the EC, with a bit of fertilizer?...i am mnot shure of that , sorry if my question is silly but i ask rather one time to much than make something wrong ;)


thanx babylon bun

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Electrical conductivity (EC) is a measurement of the dissolved material in an aqueous solution.

It will increase depending on the amount of fertilizer you gonna put.

If I remember correctly they start the flowering at EC 1.8 and they will flush 2 times between week 2 and 5 at EC 1.3.

Check on the videos to be sure.




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yes, the grow videos are a bit confusing,  you must remember they have starting EC of 0.7 from tap water in the videos, it says in the scrolling text and also in the powderfeeding guides. because the water is already very hard there is no calcium in the pf and possibly lower amount of other micros that come from tap also

so when they are flushing they add 0.5ec on top of tap and 1.1ec on top of tap when feeding


i personally keep my feeding around 0.8-1.1~including the tap ec of 0.14 maxing rarely at 1.2~ and dont see the need to flush as plants use up reserves naturally too just like it happens outdoors in fall without the need to waste anything in drain

 i start dropping food at right moment gradually, finishing with just ph'd water assuming i have used right npk's but than again i have 3-part nutrients so the npk can be adjusted as the plant requires, the plant uses reserved nutrients just fine when feeding conservatively and according to plant needs


also the explanations&reasons i see for the flushing schedules/routines do not follow any kind of scientific research/results or the biology of plants we know from hundreds of years of scientific research, so i reserve washing my medium for the times when there are real buildup issues in the medium or roots and i will do it with natural beneficial bacterias. as it is huge waste of resources and time to do it, it harms the planet and is overall completely pointless procedure with healthy growing plants

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