H2o2 and benificials?

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Doing research and studying is what I do when I'm not practicing guitar or in the garden. The popularity of h2o2 in reservoir formulas has baffled me in that I use it for sterilization purposes and as disinfector. Cleaning and reusing air stones, buckets and some times net pot lids is what I use it for. Replacing some equipment between grows can get expensive.. My quandary is ..... During Veg I find it behooves a grower to get right on establishing a healthy bacteria culture in the root zone..A lot of studying on this has led me to believe that if we inoculate our roots with Microrizzie and Beinificials wouldn't the h2o2 destroy the healthy bacterial culture in the root zone?? Anyone with accurate insight please enlighten me as the benefits of killing your root culture. Without having to reinoculate with every rez change...??   

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yes the h2o2/hydrogen peroxide kills bad and good bacteria/fungi.

so if you use beneficials there should be no reason to use any disinfectants on roots between res changes or during the plant life time when the bacteria population is healthy, the bacteria should also keep the airstones and reservoirs much cleaner as they prevent salt buildups and clogs on the gear, i have gone full grows without needing to clean any parts and strething reservoir changes much further than normal even half of the flower period hehe


scrubbing res and tools alone with h2o2 between harvest or res change and rinsing them before using again wont harm the beneficial bacteria and fungi that are already living inside and on the roots thought like i said the cleaning needs should be minimal even on the tools  with healthy populationas the bacteria keeps them pretty clean.

i just do quick scrub with mild soap when i change the bucket under plant and give fresh nute batch, with the bennies you might also be able to stretch the reservoir changes much longer than the recommended 7-10 days assuming the nutrient levels are kept near optimal and adjusted as needed for the plant to prevent any of the elements building up too fast and high. 2-3 weeks change cycle is usually np when things are looking good


thought recently i also started using EM bacteria tea (anaerobic beneficial bacteria / bokashi) product as a generic cleaner for all grow gear and around house. they can be used to clean pretty much everything without the need to use harsh chemicals even to open clogged up piping, and also for composting/improving the soil for plants


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Hi Jank, glad you are still around..Finland,? If I remember correctly. I seem to recall an intelligent conversation we had about humidity. Yeah, just came off a BC Bud grow and the results were just mediocre at best. I acknowledge taking a chance to defoliate some lower branches and fan leaves and shocking the plant into mediocre yields. Oh, FYI..No defoliation after week 6 of flower. I have had great success in getting good air circulation within the canopy by taking off all the little branches that will produce pop corn nugs at best. Not even good for hash.  The stretch period happens usually between the fourth and sixth week of flower. During this period the plant will also show sex. Ill send you some shots of Girl Scout Cookies and God Bud, the branching and training pattern are both the same and all six side branches were high stress trained and topped. Each plant yielded about 3/4 pound of buds about a 15 grams of hash off the trim and bhudda scrag..Not impressed personally. I have two Purple Skunk/Maui Haze being used as testers for new AN formula with GH silica. Now I'm very impressed and satisfied with these two, they have exceeded my expectations and my excitement grows as they blossom. They are 6 feet tall 172cm. The fan leaves would appear that they show nitrogen chlorosis at first glance. My inexperience with Purple strains is now starting to show. Honestly I used to laugh at guys growing purple shit. There is a lot of purple shwag out there let me just put it that way. The fan leaves are as fat as 10 inch Rockford Fosgate double pumpers. We are in 5 th week of flower under a 750 w hps.  

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