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GH Kush by Levente


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I just spotted that you wanted to get them done by 15th april... i belived it was end of april...anyway...

I was lucky enough to recive this time in time, but wanted them big and fat, and the better pheno seems to take longer, so i just managed to have that second kush chopped and dried. Probably there is a third pheno as well, but as the other gh kushes from seeds still blooming or in veg, I can not tell you much more yet... I will rather add info later when they are done.

Conditions: Veg first in small pots, then into 6L under 400 MH+ 200 dual Cfl, transplanted into 35-40 L pots 7-10 days before flowering under 2X600W HPS (1.2m tent). Temps were pretty much around perfect, except strong light and heat caused some burnings which you will obviously notice.

I started 10 seeds of which 9 germinated and grew up nicely. Big fat leafs from start, quick growth, very strong stem! I like to start training early by fimming, sometimes twice, resulting many nice long strong branches shooting from the bottom of the plant with huge tops like baseball bats. And this strain seems to be just perfect for that. Branches grow in sharp V shape, which makes them also capeable of taking the weight of the tops, and makes it possible to fill the room up nicely with this strain. She grows quite a bit after flipping. I just managed to keep them under the roof ! ;) I will post pictures of the 2 plants I have harvested. 

Named Kush 3 was quicker, tops were ready in just 8 weeks. The lower shaded parts i left on for an other 8 days or so till the other plant i sticked in started to shade and overgrow. I can not tell the exact number, but the yield was roughly 140g. Good buds, nice taste and smell.

Kush 2 was a little longer, took 72 days to finish. But what a plant!!! Buds big and fat, and very strong!! Tastes and smells amazing, you can clearly feel the genetic background in it. This pheno i will keep growing for a while, specially as she gave me 180g of fine buds! Not much work with trimming, just pure joy!! As i can not drag the files here from my gallery, I will start with the ones still on my pc about the GH Kush 2 right before harvest! Note that she was bending backwards and had to be supported which makes it hard to see that she almost reached the top of my tent.









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