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GH Kush by Levente

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Thanks a lot Jan, Mykol! As a great kush fan I enjoy it a lot! Thanks god all clones rooted, so i will have backup of nice frosty nugets just like this!



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Hello again Levente!


  Super stoked on your grow!  It is always a great feeling seeing accomplished grows!  Props to you!

Out of curiosity, did you have a Ph fluctuation a bit?  I noticed maybe an Alkaline crink in some of those beautiful leaves.

In my strait grows such as your magnificent beauties, I usually use thin poles in order to support my colas as they swell.  Have you ever considered that or have used it in the past?  I did notice a couple tie supports in the photos, great job on supporting those colas and allowing the best light penetration that you could in the tent.  

Is there anything that you would do different on future grows with the same strain?


Stoke to you man!



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Hello Dr3@m,

I can answer part of your questions.  I had also participated in that same Seed Test.

SLEX is not Kaia Kush.  SLEX is the GreenHouse cross of SuperLemonHaze x Exodus Cheese (hopefully soon to be released for sales).  Good reviews.

In that Seed Test, I had run a comparison grow whereby I grew GH Kush side-by-side with KaiaKush.  I do know this:  The Kaia Kush was a leaf-monster.  Some of my Kaia Kush leaves were 35 cm across.  You can see my Test Journal here:


The exact ancestry of GH Kush I do not know exactly.  That would be a good question you could pose to Franco.

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Hello Dream, well yeah for sure i can tell you the GH kush and the Pure kush are two diferent plant, If the Pure kush is out of the catalog it might just be out of stock, but for sure they are not the same plant. I have tried the GH kush and it is really good, i dont remember exactly what the cross was but i think it had some elite genetic from us crossed with something. I will try to ask franco 



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Hi(gh) guys, and Happy new year... !

Oh, my bad... Now it gets sense, SL-EX SuperLemon x Exodus Cheese, is watering my mouth listening to the cross. What a super tasty lemony hazy funky stinky skunk it must be; A real new winner  on perspective. This is typically what people would love, a real cannabis cup winner with one the most known weed taste/smell. Well done on this one. Must be well balanced like 50/50. Nice evolution for both strains.

GH Kush must be a nice one also. Good to have put the name of the company in it, as the location where it could grow as well. I would imagine some growers in the near future, in Uruguay, Colorado, California, Canada etc, telling : " We've got this and that, and also some Greenhouse Kushes at the corner right there, which fit exactly in the location". I don't know why i thought that Pure K could be this one. Maybe because it won a 3rd place, thinking that they would like to represent it once again,...?!

About the way, i watched your grow journal Cannabissapean, really nice !!

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