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Where does hemp seed buy? Purchasing instructions for seeds




Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds?

Hemp (Cannabis Seed) is defined as hemp products, like a big twist (flower), food (edible) and concentrate (concentrates).Their legitimacy depends on where you live (country, state and province).

People living in states where marijuana is legal for Adult Use can buy, produce and sell seeds in their own state, but not across state lines.People living in states where Medical Use is legal can only buy seeds with a marijuana Medical card.

The Seeds Bank is widely available outside the us and sells Seeds as "souvenirs".But it's illegal to bring marijuana seeds into the United States, and customs is very strict.

Where to buy hemp seeds?How to buy hemp seeds?

Many of the world's best-known seed Banks are in the Netherlands, Britain, Spain and other countries with less restrictive cannabis laws.The seed bank provides seeds from a variety of different breeders.

In American states where adult use is legal, you can purchase seeds in your state, either at the Dispensary or through the website of a specific seed company.

How much does hemp seed cost?

Hemp seeds usually contain 10 or 12 seeds and cost about $40 a pack.Some high-end genetic seeds cost $200 to $500 a pack.

Female (Ferminized) and autoflower seeds are more expensive because the breeder takes more time to create them, and they can make you spend less time.



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