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and Auto dawn...

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An auto Dawn....

So i've bit the bullet.

I'm moving a few mother plants out to other growers to make room.

I'm going to be starting off with only two.

Samsara ultra violet


GHSC Auto Bomb

they will be crop and top and everything else i am willing to do with them

I will be doing this run in a Pair of 6 inch Air pots hoping for the biggest plants possiable

without having to buy much more gear.

I haven't quite decide what ratios of feed I will be using, I'm tempted to mix each individually

both strains have much different finishing times 7wk vs 10-11wk

and the


UV likly has more sativa in it

( {white dwarf x skunk#1} x Lavender) x {white dwarf x skunk#1}

Auto bomb is mainly Indica

GH green o matic x GH Big Bang Auto

​They will be getting about 8-12 days of transition ratio feed, and then straight into flowering nutes with boosts.

tata for now

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