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Afg&dielsel 049

Afg&dielsel 049


Here is my plants after some lst.....

From the album:

Afg&Diesel kush

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how do you like the LED's vs say hid or cfl? Just curious before i jump at this point...real nub :)

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Well this is my first grow so i am not that experienced with hid or cfl but i really think my plants like the light spektrum and the impact the 3 watts diode makes... I do think that this type of led is better that most cfl... I allso combine the led with some metal halide for the veg time i think this is optimal for the plant but i am not sure... On this pic my led`s is to close to the plants so i have rise the lamps to get the plants to stretch more for the light allso it is not so healty for the plants to be too close when vegging...

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