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Thank you Franco and Green House Seeds

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There is a lot of misinformation on the net about various seed companies, and who breed the orginal this ot that.

Whatever happened in the 90's between Green house and other breeders, and who breed this or that strain, is not really important.

I want to say thank you Franco, and to apologize to Green House seeds and to you, for listening to some of those stories, as I did think that the white lemon was something else.

The white lemon is amazing - a beautiful smoke, taste and yield.

It has two phenotypes - and both are amazing.

I have only weighed the yield from one plant, as the rest is still curing, but when it is ready i will post some pictures of the buds, but from one plant a yield of 180 grams - dried and cured is an excellent result considering that it has such a high percentage of the haze in its genes.

The other white lemon plant looks as though it yielded even better than that ;

the church has come out at almost 500grams from one plant.

I am sorry I doubted Green House and yourself.

I personally do not give a shit about the stories on the net, as there are always at least two sides to every story, and besides what the hell does it matter, Green house Strains are bloody amazing, and that is the bottom line.

Thank you again, and franco I hope you see this, as I like to send you a good bottle of Australian wine to say thank you for the white lemon seeds.

all the best,


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