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Francostein V Topmax - White Lemon - 09/05/2011

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Hey peeps - so got these 2 white lemons both around a couple of weeks old so thought i would do a lil nute experiment with them.... The Francostein arrived today so why wait....

So no nutrients yet for girl on left, girl on right has had first watering with the francostein

future topmax white lemon

francostein white lemon

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these will be put into flower early.... tomorrow when my new tent arrives i will begin the 12/12....

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Hey girls... So have been around 9 days since i started this lil experiment and tomorrow i gonna start another lil experiment..... I gonna put them both into flowering early....

But anyway.... here we have the girls right now

Future Topmax

and Francosteined girl....

I have been feeding the francostein very sparingly in the first week, perhaps 50 ml a day topped up with more water but already i think you can notice a difference between the 2

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This evening i decided it was time to repot the girls.... So since i am doing a bit of testing also thought i would do a couple of different compost tests... they are not so different - just slightly
Never went for expensive soil that i might generaly use - just simple £3.89 10litre stuff from the B&Q... usually i would use around 25 litres of soil but i have started the flower season early for these girls in another little test

So for Francostein Juice

and the Topmax

Both composts are from West* Westland

Again have decided to do the step TM for both these white lemons - this time i just cut the bottom away instead of cutting bottom 2/rds of pot which i might usually do

Francostein on the Left Topmax on the Right

and a tip.... if you put your pots in some bags when you are composting up.... when you move your plants to your grow room you dont spill anything on the floor outta the bottom holes which you might get in your shoes and tread around the house lightbulb.gif

and back into the tent

Francostein Top plant Topmax bottom plant


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great stuff, my friend;

take care,


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so its around about a week later.... both girls are on the nutrients - looking good so far into 12/12land

francostein on the left topmax on the right



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Hey franco bro

here we are 21 days into 12/12 - buds starting to form nicely....

Francostein on the left Topmax on the right





so they have pretty much grown an inch per day in the last 10.... looking forward to the next 28 - 35 days

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