tiny NFT system?????

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hi folks do u think this will work as a small nft tray and tank,,

all it is, is one small roller bucket,

one small roller tray,

one 2-5w fist tank water pump,

few screws to make secure,

all iv done is screwed them together so to leave a slope on the tray and cut holes in bottom off roller tray,stuck the pump inside and ran the hose to the little well at the top of the tray so it will fill and cascade not just run in one place,then i secured the pipe on with a little picture hanger and thats it,,

i will cover the rock wool with white and black film ,

What do u guys think will this be big enough fo a medium plant or a large auto???

here are some pics,sorry they arent great having trouble with my good camera,,,





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thats not nft, its a flood system. u can have suprizingly big plants in a 4" rock wool cube. i seen a 3 foot mother plant in 1 with the stem the size of a quarter. good luck

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its not flood n drain mate it just trickles waterover the trayand back down into resevior i copied the principal from a small nft kit for 4 plants found pout what degree was best for slop and ,here is the result i will do a journal soon and let u all see

cheers folks

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