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GHS ZTRAWBERRY by skinnytalls420

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Day 1-21/09/22 23:30pm very excited for this one!!! Got the seeds for free from greenhouse seeds at product earth 2022 festival!!! These are gonna be my first photoperiod plants in a long time so bare with me 😂 so it’s day 1 and I’ve placed the two seeds in a glass of warm water!! They will stay in there for about 20hours i placed them in the water around 23:30pm and will take them out around 19:30-20:00pm tomorrow!!!





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Day 8-28/09/22 there both out now!!!! Both looking good!! I’ve put them in a mars hydro tent 60x60x140 under a ts600 marshydro led just for now in the beginning  !! One of them is almost 5cm tall and the other 3cm!!! If someone knows how to stop the pics I’m putting on here from showing sideways let me know please😂D6BAB786-39A8-4D81-8E08-74631210733D.thumb.jpeg.751dc23d9bee237d7746ef9c06183c52.jpegB7AC1E26-F353-4F87-8D27-7D307E5220B9.thumb.jpeg.5555b36b0dcc69c7a7a3ba6c6400dc4a.jpeg 

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