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Best Weed in Amsterdam End of Feb

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sounds like you had a good time man ;)

Chronocain what was it?

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Sounds like you had an awesome trip man... Glad to here all went well and you smoked the shit out of there bud.. Is there any left :)

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tangerine dream

all green house menu was grate

exadas chees from gray area peng

arjan ultra alwase nice

super lemon haze


g13haze#lemon very nice

iceo hash :fie::pogranichnik:

old school norven lights

sense stare kush


nevalse haze a fucking legend

jack hearer legend :cool::king:

g13 mr nice

libaty hazy

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Last visit to Amsterdam, early 2013- 6 days and a boat load of cash later and here is my list.....

(unfortunately i didn't list the coffeeshops i purchased from but here we go anyway)

Amnesia haze

candy kush


tangerine dream


Silver bubble

Isolator extract (grey crystal- from the grey area)

caramela cream

liberty haze

g13 haze

vanilla kush

pineapple chunk

Dr Grinspoon

Sour kush

camero 18


grey haze


kosher kush

strawberry cough (imitation i think)

casey jones

super lemon haze

sour diesel

liberty melt (barneys)

blue cheese

sharkberry cream

super silver haze

....... spent a lot of time in greenhouse , barneys, grey area and dampkring so most of the list was probably from them!

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