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South of Turkey, Hatay,Antakya, Diyarbakir, Mardin

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of course you can visit the south-east of Turkey to collapse pure outdoor landrace Indica strain, the genetics are powerful but it need to be upgraded by profesionnal like you, to make selection of the best parents.

Normally in Turkey, the cannabis exist from thousands years but you know with the stupids laws in this world it's illegal, but i'm sure you can create hybrids with them.

I'will be so happy if you do this expedition, and also turkish people are friendly. I really want to test indoor cannabis strains with turkish indica genetics.

Because of lack of knowledge the weed they smoke is not very potency but makes very good hash, a little bit like the Ketama strains.

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i really enjoy the smoking in hatay, there are so many kinds and all is outdoor probably on august or september i ll try to uptdate some pictures but here people usually prefer to have outdoor cuz they are crazy stoned 

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Been a long time since I had the pleasure of smoking Turkish pot and Hashish, way back in 1978 while following the "Hippie Trail" to India.  I was in a place called Goreme, near Konya, I was out wondering around old "Fairy Chimneys" as they called them.  Really old home and churches in caves, when I happened across a field of pot in full bloom.  They were short about 1 1/2 meters, not much resin on the plants I found.  I did pick some and tried to quick dry it, but it was not all that good.  I then hooked up with a local who got me hash, it came in strips about 10cm x 3 cm and thine.  But is was fantastic hashish, a light brown in colour and gummy to the touch.  I too would love to get my hands on some Landrace seeds from Turkey to add to my collections. 

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