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Hi to everyone, first of all please forgive me for posting so late, hope it's not late to at least show some growing of the white rhino.

Germinated some seeds and just 3 popped up,  i have 4 left to try again !

right now they are under 200 w of CFL, later they will be in my indoor with 200w of cobs vero 29 gen 7








Cya !

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Hey buddy, welcome both on the forum, and to the contest.
Unfortunately, the contest ends by the 1st of June. Unless you 12-12 right now, i doubt there'll be 9-10 weeks to finish it.
This doesn't mean i don't encourage you to continue.
Every grown White Rhino is helpful to the eyes who will grow some in the future. Share your experience, show us what you got!

By the way, i'm very interested in your DIY cob setup. 
Have you already used it? At what temp does it run? Do you have a spectrum chart / par measurement / any idea on the CRI of the 2 chips?
I'm going to buy a lamp for the next grow but i'm still researching on Cobs. Need to be sure where and how i spend my money, you know :3

Anyway, nice girlies there. I'd put them already under the cobs at 1m height. They're well past the germination / seedling phase.

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Welcome :)

Yes, it's probably too late to finish flowering before the end of the contest. But we will enjoy watching your growing diary, how the plants evolve, advice, etc......

I also liked your LED system with COBS, didn't you?


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it's been a long time and i wanted to post some pics of this beasts, they are now 6 white rhino in 10L pots, 2 weeks more of veg and i will get some cuts, then 12-12.

4 white rhino are in madrocket pots, and 2 in rootshouse, i liked more the rootshouse girls, you can see the difference in the pics!

i decided to add a 6500k cfl light into the grow tent with the cobs to veg quickly, after i swith to 12  -12, i will take that away and put a 250w hps, so it will be a mix grow with the CoBs and the HPS :)

@Ledcherryberry sorry for the late answer, hope you got your equipment now,  i dont have a spectrum chart in hand or a par measurement, i can tell you that the temp is 3000k and  90 cri, i decided to buy those specs because they are only for flowering, i have used it 3 times with good results, far the better thing is the temperature, i was able to do flowering in summer with 35 c outside ( flowering time at night of course )  and the girls didnt have any problem, nowadays the grow tent is 1x1x1.8 m and the 200w cob setup it's short for that space but i am happy with the summer grow i did, some pics here : sorry for the late post, i knew that i was not going to get to the contest, but this is a test grow and i hope you can use this info for something!


Greetings from Argentina






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Hola pepechang bonitas plantas, un consejo es que veo que la iluminación no la tienes bien repartida en el armario, deberías subir más el conjunto de iluminación para que este más repartido y el suelo del armario es muy propenso a criar bichos yo de ti lo tendría mucho más limpio, en referencia a las macetas prefiero las de tela, y el color blanco nada más que beneficia en el exterior, sería interesante seguir viendo como evolucionan esas Rhino y acaban la floración espero que te animes a mostrarlo 

Saludos y buenas fumadas

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