How to induce denser bud formation?

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Dear friends, I am growing indoors, with enriched soil, 2 Super Lemon Haze, 2 Arjan’s Strawberry Haze, 2 Bubba Kush. At the current time, they are in flowering stage with a 400w Sodium Lamp. My plants grew too big, the Arjan’s are touching the roof, therefore I decided to take one out. I live in the Equator so the sun is pretty abundant and straight. I am trying to determine wich of my 2 Arjan’s Strawberry Hazes (ASH) will develop better buds, the indoor or the outdoor.

In a previous ocation, (this is my second time growing) the buds I harvested were airy and fluffy, not like the dense packed buds that I used to bought on my visits to Amsterdam. Here you can’t get good weed so that is why I bought my seeds from Green House Seeds Co. and invested in some indoors equipment to produce nice looking and potent buds for my friends and me.

As suggested by previous forum discussions I am adding sugare cane solved in water, (Carbload) besides the weekly dosage of flowering fertilizer. What else can I do?

Which buds do you think will be best, the ones with the Equator sunlight or my 400w sodium?


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Dear Raskolnikof! U can do some more things. First, to set the ph of your grow correctly. Indoors u can controll the PH of the water, but outdoors u may want to add some lime ( PH 8 )on the top layer, that will slowly sink in the ground. This will also help your plant to be able to absorb the things you are giving her, and speeds up the process a little bit. As tokage said 400 W is not very much, but not too bad either, however u could help a lot with adding a cfl, that can almost touch the buds (or just hang in the middle, to let the light penetrate deeper, becouse the intensity of the light is halfed aftere every foot distance, and in case of a 400W the 50000 lumens are only 6250 lumen 4 feet far from the bulb), and posibbly u better go for a dual spectrum one to complete eachother with the HPS, and give a wider spectrum light for your plants. And i think one of the most important after u arranged the lights well in your tent, and positioned all your plants, to get a scissor, and start to select the brances!!! All lower branches that recive no direct light shall be removed!!! With this step u can avoid the energy-wasting of the plant for the lower buds, and will push all their energy to the ones that are in light, and will make the much denser and more compact! This treatment should be done in the 2nd-3rd week of flowering. By this time u see anyway that some branches stretch more than others... easy to pick!!! And don't worry, you get more back than it takes! This selection is specially important in case os SCROG methods.

Peace love THC

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Just remember that natural light can never be replaced with lamps, and of course if you

are not careful in other areas such as food, air, moisture ... you can forget about big buds in both

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one off my friends had this problem and he uses some thing called rocks and his buds are very tight and dense he grows lemon haze by ghs all the time as its for friends as well but you can get nice hard buds with write ph ss at the moment mine have been fine I think what levente said is right good luck bro peace

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