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Soak to Cube



Hi Hunters, thanks for your words of encouragement :) this will be my best grow yet i can feel it!

Well all seeds had sank to the bottom of the glass and the 4 CC buddha tahoe's where already split!

I popped them into the root riots and voila not even 24 hours after 1 of the Doctors is 1st to show signs of life :D

I just dropped my 60 day wonder's in the jar and 2 more Doctors and a dinafem blue widow as back up in case the Money Maker's don't turn up!

I figured if they do turn up i will have the pleasure of choosing the best looking ladies B)

Well so far the only equipment i am using is a very coy Cardboard box with my prop tank and 125w CFL using Root Riot Cubes and good ol H2O and of course a whole lotta love haha

So as a lil Rundown we have

5 Greenhouse - Exodus Cheese (wanted a good cheese to compare to the old cheese which used to be around my area)

5 Greenhouse - The Doctor (Speaks for itself)

3 Samsara - Sweet Black Angel (a recommendation from another forum member)

4 CaliConnection - Buddha Tahoe OG (wanted to see what all the fuss is about with the Cali strains +was a crazy deal)

2 DNA - Rocklocks (2 freebee seeds thought i'd give them a go)

1 G13 Gigabud (free seed)

1 Dinafem - Cheese (free seed)

I wont be flowering them all, but i will be choosing the best ones so it's gonna be a survival of the fittest :ph34r:

Next update in a few days when they have broken ground!



day 2, with my plan on germinating the extra few panic set in thinking what was i going to use to house my new babies, fortunately a good friend was coming over :superblue: and within 2 hours new tray with a slight modification fits perfect hooraa :D

so here's a pic on day 2 with a lil reference table, you will all be pleased to know the Greenhouse seeds where the first to sprout :imsohappy: the two doctors on the right where planted this morning lolol


Peace :smoke:


Recommended Comments

Now thats a wonderful move, and bold to start with! "not flowering them all" Hats off for that my friend! Theres something about trying new strains, either from freebies or just some strains we spent some cash on because of the fuss and hype. In the end will see if its worth the try, and eliminate the ones that will only be crowding the others that could flower totaty otherwise!

Good luck Potent!

Take care

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Sweet update man, once again GH shows the way in germination ;)

Glad to see they are doing good hope it will continue that way :D

Have a good grow

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Hi Hunters, thanks for your words of encouragement smile.png this will be my best grow yet i can feel it!

Wonderful news buddy, that is what we like to hear. Goodluck bud we be with ya all the way.

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