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License / Royalty Terms

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I’m working with someone who has created a strain that I would like to grow for them and for me.  

I will use it in my products and potentially sell to others.


What licensing / royalty terms are common for cannabis?



Dr T


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Well, that is an interesting question indeed.


First of all, Welcome to StrainHunters. 


I encourage you to open and read the message I just now sent you.  Further, I encourage you to open a Topic in "Introduce Yourself" so that others can welcome you in style.


In my opinion, the deal that you strike between your friend and you is private;  I am unaware of any industry standard.


Because the federal governmentrs of the U.S.A., Canada and Australia consider all cannabis transactions as illegal, then in those lands, any cannabis contract is illegal at the federal level, and therefore there cannot exist any federal authority to regulate or enforce any such licenses.


In the F.S.A. (Free States of America, those states where medical and/or recreational use of cannabis have been legalized or partly legalized), then each state will have different rules at the state, county and city levels.  Those are the authorities who must be asked for the details.


There is a member here in StrainHunters called "Big Sur" who seems vsry well versed in these regulations.  Click on the messages icon (the little envelope icon at the top of the page, then click on "compose" and enter his name.  Then write your question to him.


I sent you a message in that same message buffer.  It should help you set your preferences and get going in the forum quick-time.


Hope this helps.



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