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A goed strain for parkison desease?


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hello i am looking for info on medical cannabis.

My mom's friend's brother is suffering serious Parkinson's disease and would like to smoked medical cannabis which strain are the right kinds or wich CBD TO THC ratio are really effective for relieved and to relaxe?

Great white sharks cbd , super silver haze cbd , the churche cbd?


White rhino, ....


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Buddy, I don't think the forum will tell you exactly what variety is appropriate or what ratio is effective. You have to go to Best Oklahoma dispensaries for such serious illnesses. The staff of this organization does not impose unnecessary products. Their work is aimed at finding the right product for each person. I went to a medical marijuana dispensary because I was having terrible headaches. I was recommended oil with natural CBD extract. After using it, I noticed my health had improved, I was sleeping better, and my headaches were gone. I wish you good health and don't put your problem off.

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