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I took good pictures tonight, but honestly I'm afraid to upload material online.  unfortunately in Italy there is a real war on cannabis, (hemp and marijuana).  I have 3 white lemon with about 100 days and almost ready, and a small Flowerbomb kush that unfortunately had some problems but really full of resin ... honestly I'm really afraid to upload photos and this I'm very sorry because it means that even if I continue  to test your seeds I will never be able to participate in one of your competitions ... I continue to fight at #fullgas always hoping that people will begin to understand the potential of this plant ..

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Hi @Antonio86

Fret not bro you can access the web safely and anonymously all you have to do is install the TOR browser which you can get directly from the developers web site

When you land on the Tor Project homepage click the button marked Download Tor Browser to load the downloads page then choose the appropriate download for the OS (Operating System) on you device and for example Windows or Mac if your running Linux you need to use the package manager to install TOR or if your using a device running Android click on the Android logo and then make a choice appropriate for your device.

Then once you have downloaded a copy of TOR run the installer and install the browser on your device.

Just to satisfy yourself that the browser is going to anonymize your activity you can check out this service DNS leak test

First visit the link in the browser you normally use and click the button to run the extended test this will show you the data exposed when you use the web normally, basically the test is making requests to domains as your browser, for me it exposes my ISP making me very easy to track like everyone using the same ISP

Next run the TOR browser and visit DNS leak test and click the button again to run the extended test and you will see all the requests were routed different was your IP and your ISP's identity are not exposed.

So using the TOR browser you can come on the forum and you activity on the web will be anonymise by the browser, also the forum runs under https so all the data passed by your regular browser or the TOR browser is encrypted anyway so even if someone did intercept the data packets they would not see the contents because its encrypted.

The important part is that your real IP address will not be logged by the server where this forum is hosted and even your ISP (Internet Servic Provider) cannot see anything you do when your running the TOR browser all your activity is anonymised.

So for example when you type the address of the forum into the address bar in TOR and hit the enter key the browser sends out a request which goes into the TOR network and the DNS look up is done within the TOR network and routed to the right server which will then respond accordingly.

Normally this DNS look up will be done by a DNS server on your IPS network and they will then route the request to the right IP address or the server where the resource is located in this case the Strain Hunters forum and the server will respond by sending back a bunch of packets of data that get rendered in the browser and you see the homepage of the forum or whatever web sites address you entered in the address bar.

So you ISP will have logged your request on the DNS server using TOR the DNS look up happens within the TOR network on one of TOR's DNS machines nothing is passed to your ISP DNS servers to look up the IP for the server for the site you wish to visit.


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