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Hawaiian Snow Grow with Hawaiian Style Photoperiod

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first off all let me say, that I'm here because Green House Seeds adviced me to ask my question here.  


I am a European Grower looking forward to grow Green Houses Hawaiian Snow for the first time and I've read about some "Hawaiian Style Photoperiod" at Pua Mana webside.

"Hawaiian Style Photoperiod: Save Power & Get Mo’ Flower".

"Did you know that Hawaiian Pakalōlō plants prefer a “Hawaiian Style” photoperiod of 11/13 Light/Dark in order to reach peak performance — as opposed to traditional 12/12 photoperiod?"


They don't sell Hawaiian Snow, but I asked them if it could be a good idea to grow Hawaiian Snow with Hawaiian Style Photoperiod.


They answered:

"Hawaiian Style photoperiod is a Great style for any sativa-dominant hybrid or pure sativa strain.
Hawaiian Snow will love Hawaiian Style 11/13 Light/Dark photoperiod -- as she is heavy sativa kine."


So that's a nice answer. But I wanted to ask you! if anyone has experience with that? Has anyone tried it out?




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 changing the time of night / day.

I think flowering go faster or slower i dont know if is better wat i think indoor you can control time temp i read they have a spécial type of soil in Hawaï And Hawaiian style shirt and some goed drinks😁

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