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Help for first time grow


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Guys this is my first post here.

So I am from Nepal and go to uni in India, last sem break around 8 months ago i sprinkled some seeds, but had no expectations. I come back to find this, i cannot tell exactly how old this plant is, i know it didnt germinate immediately, took atleast 2 months to start germinating, i know this because i had my sister check for new growths for a month, and gave up when there was none. Now I have this, i want to know what month does a sativa flower naturally outdoors in this region, Nepal. The plant now is about 6.5 to 7 foot tall, it looks to be female but am not so sure. Any advice on what to do next?




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Hello friend 😊. I don't know anything about Nepal, but the good news is that is definitely a female cannibas plant, in that picture it apears to me to be pre flowering. If those pictures were taken on the 11th I'd be shocked if they weren't in full flower by now.

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