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Big bang autoflowers day 72


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Here are 3 of my 6 big bang autoflowers grown in coco and all lst'd and had heavy defoliation throughout life cycle currently on day 72 from seed.. Anyone ever grown this strain and or does anyone have a rough idea how long I have left?... I also have a K-train in its own tent which was flipped to flower at day 70 of veglet me know thoughts guys will post other 3 plants tommorow. 












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Hello @Vinney123,


You have great Big Bang man! When i see the buds i think that you needs +-4weeks of flowering to have your plants ready to harvest but we will see in the next week the avancement.


Your K-Train looks very good to and whit this size i think taht she are ready to support big buds!



Keep us update and have a nice day!

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Thank you for the reply I was thinking maybe 4 weeks so two more weeks of feeding then 2 weeks of flush as there in coco and have been fed full strength nutrients since 2 weeks old I have another 3 big bang all lst'd which were planted at same time but are a few weeks behind these.. I'm very impressed with how the K-train has took to training and the growth rate is incredible hoping for a good yeild off these 🤞👌 will keep the post updated! 

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Me either 😊 think the website needs updating tho as it says 6 weeks flowering but that isn't accurate lol.. It also says the yeild is 900grams per m2 I am running 800 true watts with 6 plants in a 1.2m x 1.2m so is that the ball park number I should be expecting if everything goes smoothly over next few weeks? 

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