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Hey ! New to the group!


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Hey Guyz. 

Im off ( inshallah post covid) in my van  to Morocco in June, After watching that excellent documentary strain hunters made on Morocco, can anyone please send me any trusted contacts of Obtaining some nice ketama hash while I’m out there. Going to the riff mountains 🏔. Thank you very much and wishing all happy dayz. 🙏🌿

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Hello OmShiva and welcome to forum, 


We are sure you will be great in Morocco, it is a beautiful place, with very nice people, a bit distrustful at the beginning, but very nice.

Sorry friend, in this forum is not allowed the traffic of substances, neither that type of contacts, etc... There is no information of that kind that anyone can give you here. It is also not good to ask for those things, you can be banned.

Hope you can share some pictures of your trip later :)


All the best

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