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Guest dfwi

7th off April is party time Fuzzy's birthday

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:party:shades_smile.gifSir Fuzzyshades_smile.gif:party:

On behalf off all Strainhunters
Thanks for the great work you do keeping this site alive my friend take a day off and get wasted.:party:
From your good friend's at the DFWI ranch have a great daythumbs_up.gif

confused_smile.gifAnd don't smoke my present all at oncewink_smile.gif
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Guest salvador
Hope you had a great day Fuzzy......

Can say that i did...... Was in court for 1 driving without an MOT (vehicle safety certificate) 2 driving wrong way up a one way street.....

All I can say is SALVADOR 2 COPS 0

You figured the most..... I never done it and the judge agreed I never done it.....

HEHEHEHEHE my word against 2 coppers on 2 charges.....

Admonished - Not Guilty

Very Happy Birthday

peace love and much much thc
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