Help, Grow Room 120x120x200 not enought humidity

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Hi all,

I started a Grow Room 120x120x200 with a 600 watt Hps Light and a Ventilation sistem, we are going to addapt a filter sistem soon when the flower phase is starting.

The temperature in the grow room stays around 27-30 grades when the light is on, but the humidity is always between 25 and 35% isn't it a bit low??we tried to put some water pots in the grow to let more humidity come out but without effects!

any suggestions?? :sarcastic: :sarcastic:

Here are some pictures of it, not the best photo quality im sorry for it..



I arrive at around 40% humidity when i sprinkle some whater in the air and on the ground, like u can see there are some whater drops on the thermometer but else the humidity goes down fast in like 3-4 ours down between 25 and 35%.





Any suggestion will be higly appreciated!!

Thanks and BiG UP


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hey man!

Well first and most logical answer would be, buy a humidifier ^^ but i know some peopl me included lol, can't always buy what they want ^^ So as other lil option, you might gain some point of humidity, first put the water in the buckets like you did already, but warm so it have mist going off it, and with socks or tissue in it, i saw in my room it was spreading a little more humidity that way. If you have a water boiler, i've seen some people use it with a timer so it heats and make mist too every minutes or so as you wish, but personally i don't like too much that idea don't know if the boiler can handle it without problem and don't want fire in your room ^^ but it does work :)

Also you can put all your laundry to dry in your room where the tent is, with new laundry everyday it sure gets the humidity higher.

and finally, to counter act it you can also simply cover your babies with half bottle cuted or a special dome, it will keep the humidity around the babies and for the first 2 week it's good to have if you want. after 2 weeks girls are stronger and will handle low humdity if you take care of them ;)

Good luck man

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Thanks for the really fast answer :biggrin: :biggrin: !!!!! I'm gonna try it out with the warm water into the buckets and put a tissue in it and see if it's enought, else i'm going to buy a humidifier. Gonna post new photos as soon as i have done the work.

Thanks for the support. xD xD


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good luck ;)

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